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Edens Zero is in the Doghouse

Edens Zero Chapter 113 Cover Page- In the Doghouse

Edens Zero Chapter 113 Review/Recap

In the last chapter of Edens Zero, we got an exposition dump on how to find Mother: gather Relics that have her Ether, and it will lead the way. Which brings us to Shiki’s next stop, the planet Foresta. A planet that it seems Ziggy already made a mess of. This week, we see just what he did to the planet. And to be honest, it’s nothing like what I imagined. They’re in the doghouse now!

Edens Zero Chapter 113 Cover Page- In the Doghouse


After arriving on Foresta, Shiki and the others head to the surface of Foresta, and are wowed by everything around them. The forest stretches across the entire planet, even the oceans! However, Witch notes that any forms of communication, like the net, are down planet-wide. Stranger still, when they come across a nearby town, everyone’s treated to this sight.

Edens Zero Chapter 113- Humans in the Doghouse

All of the machines are treating the humans like dogs, with some brutally hunting and hurting them, as well as any machines who show a shred of compassion for them.

Edens Zero Chapter 113- Machine Supremacy

After evading the local human-hunters, the group runs into fellow B-Cuber, Couchpo, who takes them back to her hideout where she explains what happened. About a week ago, Ziggy showed up and hacked into every electronic on the planet. In addition to shutting down all communications, he hacked into the machines and made them turn on the humans. As a result, it’s now a planet of the machines, and humans in the doghouse. Before the group can even process this information, though, they’re attacked by another robot that Shiki defeats. Even if they’re not doing this of their own accord, he won’t let them hurt his friends.


Wow. When Ziggy rambled on about machines being on top, I thought he just meant he was going to kill all the organics. Turning them into slaves and pets, though, is even crazier!

I think I speculated in a previous post that the one that Shiki’s facing isn’t the Ziggy he knew. Rather, his body may be possessed by this evil, foreign entity that made him hate all humans. Considering how Ziggy was able to make every machine on Foresta go nuts, I think my theory may be correct. It’s like this evil virus of hatred or something, and it’s determined to put humanity in the metaphorical doghouse!

Well, I think we all saw the outcome to this chapter coming: Shiki going to war to undo what his Grandpa did. I can’t wait to see the mayhem that ensues in the next few weeks.

I Give “In the Doghouse” a 3/5

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  1. My grandmother has 2 dogs. But I don’t see her take them out on works all that often.
    As for the chapter; it was good. I think that that virus idea might be true- it’s honestly the only thing I can see as possible at the moment. And the idea of this infection spreading is a convenient explanation as to why these Droids are acting this way. However; what’s Connor getting out of all of this? “Their goals align?” What could he have meant?

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