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They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 9- Penny Has a Hard Time Fitting In

DuckTales Season 3, Episode 9 Review

Do you guys remember when General Lunaris tried to destroy the Earth in the Season Two finale of DuckTales? Glomgold became a hero, Lunaris got stuck orbiting the Earth, and the Moonlanders made peace with everyone. However, since then we’ve been left in the dark as to what happened to the Moonlanders; and more importantly, Captain Penumbra. I assumed that they all went back to the Moon. Turns out, though, they’ve been enjoying Earth. Except for Penumbra, who spends this episode learning to enjoy her new environment.

Poor Penny

Ever since the defeat of Lunaris, the Moonlander people have been living on Earth and enjoying everything that it has to offer. Except, of course, for Penumbra. She’s the only one who wants to focus on getting back to the Moon so she can protect them from danger and have meaning in her life. Seeing how unhappy she is, Webby takes it upon herself to help Penny learn how to enjoy Earth through a day at the Pier. As you can see in this hilarious gif, it goes as well as one would think.

I have seen the same scenario that Penumbra’s in more than a few times by now. The fish out of water who wants to get back to where things make sense, only for their friends to try and teach them to enjoy what their new environment has to offer. They double down on their dislike of the new place, only for a surprise event to make them like their new place.

Like I said, I’ve seen this before, so it made it a little hard at times to pay attention. But do you know what helped keep me focused? Glomgold, that’s who!

Glomgold’s Back, and Dumber Than Ever

As expected, Flintheart’s role in stopping Lunaris won him back his company and made him a hero to everyone. Heck, I even said that he should get some credit. But it would seem that that hasn’t stopped him from resuming his dumb plans to get rid of Scrooge. In this case, a giant ferris wheel.

I won’t go into detail about it, but Glomgold builds this cheapskate ferris wheel on the Pier that looks like it’s ready to fall apart if someone pokes it. And it’s all just a cover for him to get rid of Scrooge McDuck.

Good lord, have I missed Glomgold and his crazy schemes. Seeing how convoluted his plans are and how they always fail is just so much fun to watch. The difference this season, though, is that he has a partner that actually supports him: Gibbous the Moonlander.

Yep, Gibbous is now working as Glomgold’s assistant, and unlike Owlson, he genuinely seems to like working under him. He’s very supportive of Glomgold’s schemes no matter how dumb they are, and what’s more, Glomgold seems to actually appreciate having him around. Even when Gibbous accidentally calls the safety inspector on him, Glomgold admits that he can’t stay mad at the guy. Gibbous may be Glomgold’s first true friend, and I look forward to seeing how that will effect him as a character.

Much Better than Last Week

To make a long story short, I liked this episode a little better than what we got last week. Albeit that was because it tied into the Moonvasion story that I loved so much. Hopefully, we will be getting more good episodes this year.

I Give “They Put a Moonlander on the Earth” a 3.9/5

Oh yeah. It turns out Penumbra’s a lesbian. Another subtle win for LGBTQ+ in kids cartoons.

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  1. I totally missed that ducks joke! And, it’s nice to see another gay cartoon character, but at the same time I’m never happy when it’s vague and has to be explained on social media.

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