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Edens Zero Teaches Lesson About Family

Edens Zero Chapter 112 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 112 Review/Recap

Our adventures on the planet Red Cave came to an end last week, but we learned a lot of new info. There are relics scattered across the universe that are filled with Mother’s Ether. Collect the Ether, and it can lead the way to Mother. It’s simple on paper, but nothing ever goes that simple in a story. Also, remember how I said that Shiki may end up angering Nero, the ruler of the Aoi Cosmos? I fear that we may be building up to just that in Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 112 Cover Page


Now in possession of the Mother Ether Crystal, the Edens Zero now has a way to locate more Relics. Pino explains that as they gather more Mother Ether, it will eventually show them the path to Mother herself. Weisz, on the other hand, is not happy that Laguna’s now aboard the ship since he was in Drakken’s gang. Laguna, however, says that Witch promised to help him find a place to live in the Aoi Cosmos away from the law, so he stays for the time being.

Edens Zero Chapter 112- Magimech King Shiki

In addition, the Shining Stars finally settle on a title for Shiki. No longer wanting to be called the Demon King, Shiki comes up with a new title: the Magicmech King!

Meanwhile, Elsie continues to track Ziggy’s trail and confirms he made it to the Aoi Cosmos. However, Justice’s fleet ambushed them thanks to being tipped off by their spy Jessie. Elsie, though, knew about him the whole time, and after he turns down the chance to join her crew for real, throws him out in an escape pod. Their next destination: the planet of Foresta. Which also happens to be where Shiki and the Edens Zero are headed after being guided by the Mother Ether Crystal.

Foresta, though, has already attracted the attention from Posedion Nero’s Commando’s who are tracking ZIggy. As a result of the Demon King tearing through the place, they plan to purge the planet of all machines.

Edens Zero Chapter 112- Posedion Nero Commando


I knew it was only a matter of time before Shiki and the heroes would end up crossing paths with Posedion Nero. And since they’re magnets for trouble, and that Shiki won’t let these commandos kill any machines, a fight will be inevitable. Unless the presence of Elsie is able to prevent this in some manner.

Speaking of Elsie, I loved just how Elsie-centric this chapter was as we got to see more of how she thinks. Like her Fairy Tail counterpart, Erza, Elsie considers the group she leads as a family. The “family of choice” is a recurring trait in Mashima’s stories, and one that I absolutely adore due to how sweet he portrays it. Just look at little Elsie and the Shining Stars!

img_4678Edens Zero Chapter 112- A Young Elsie

I don’t know what’s going to happen on Foresta, but I can see a massive clash is going to take place, and Shiki will be right in the middle of it. Maybe this will be a good time for him to learn some new techniques to close the gap between him and his grandpa. Here’s hoping

I Give “When You Live Life on A Ship” a 3.4/5

Big News!

One last thing! A few months back, I broke the news that Edens Zero would be getting an anime. Months later, we finally have a general release date, as well as the seiyuu’s for Shiki and Rebecca. According to the tweet below, the anime will come out in April 2021. If we needed a reason to see this wretched year through to the end, then this is it. Also, it means I can officially add Rebecca to my list of anime waifus.

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  1. Wow… all out clash. And so early on as we got to a new section of Space. Mashima REALLY doesn’t waste his time in getting to the “meat and potatoes” of his story arcs.
    I wouldn’t count Justice out of this clash, either; I think he’s going to this planet even if he has to go alone. And as for if Ziggy is still on this planet……he’s clearly looking for the relic. But with his mastery over gravity being what it is- I’m almost willing to bet he found it already.

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