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Death Over Surrender in New One Piece

One Piece Chapter 991- Kaido vs. the Red Scabbards

One Piece Chapter 991 Review/Recap

It’s been two weeks since the last chapter of One Piece, and if you’ll recall, things got even crazier than they already were. X Drake got outed as a spy for the Marines, forcing him to flee from the rest of the Beast Pirates. Knowing he can’t survive on his own, Drake takes a gamble and asks Luffy to join forces with him and take down Kaido. We know Luffy will say yes, but how will the rest of the Alliance react? The battle continues now!

One Piece Chapter 991 Cover Page


One Piece Chapter 991- Drake can join

Even though everyone else tells him to not let Drake join their side, Luffy agrees without a second of hesitation, much to the irritation of Jinbei, Franky, and Zoro. They don’t have time to argue, though, as Ulti and Page One show up, hot on Luffy’s trail. Usopp and Nami manage to lure them away, though, leaving the others to head to Kaido’s location.

Unfortunately, each of the Straw Hats ends up getting into their own, separate battle. Franky and Jinbei are attacked by the Numbers and have to break off from the group. Zoro and Drake clash for a moment, but then team up against Scratchman Apoo, only for Queen to start shooting at them with a gatling gun! The whole place is in chaos!

On the roof of the skull, the between the Beast Pirates, Scabbards, and Minks nears its climax. Jack and the others were beaten, but the only ones left for the Alliance are the Scabbards and Izo. Realizing that the Minks in their Sulong forms are too strong, Kaido orders Jack to retreat. He will take out the Scabbards himself. With a mighty breath, he wonders how long his enemies will be able to escape, only for Kin’emon to cut right through it, proclaiming that if they die, they’ll take Kaido with them.

One Piece Chapter 991- Inu and Neko Sulong Forms

Bad. Ass.


Holy cow, this war is getting so incredibly amazing! I don’t think it’s reached the level of Marineford yet, but considering how the fighting’s just started, we’ve got a ways to go.

As for the Straw Hats, I’m worried at how they’ve all be separated from each other. If they want any chance at beating Kaido, they may need their combined power to take him down. It’s not that I don’t think Luffy can do it; it’s just that it would make things a lot easier. Especially since I just remembered that Queen has those plague bullets on him. Those things could slaughter the Alliance troops.

One Piece Chapter 991- Queen Plague Gun

If I’m remembering things right, then the only Straw Hats still headed to fight Kaido are Luffy and Sanji. If they team up with Izo and the Scabbards, they may stand a chance of winning. However, we haven’t seen Kaido at his full power yet, so it’s going to be a tough fight. This arc is getting more and more epic by the minute and I love it.

One Piece Chapter 991- Kaido vs. the Red Scabbards

I Give “Let us Die!!” A 4/5

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  1. I don’t necessarily expect the Scabbards to die at this point. Maybe once it’s all over- but not during the battle. I’m still waiting for the final battle in this war to have everyone teaming up to fight Kaido- like how the Straw Hat’s did against Oars.

  2. The Strawhats teaming up to defeat Kaido? I don’t see that happening. Maybe Luffy and Zoro with Law and Kid, but I don’t even see Jimbe or Sanji fighting Kaido let alone the rest of the crew.

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