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Andrew’s Last Gift to Nadia

Edens Zero Chapter 111 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 11 Review/Recap

Well, it looks like the Red Cave Arc is over now. No big enemy to fight, just a major revelation about Mother and what kind of effect that she has on the universe. Also, remember how last chapter, I guessed that Andrew somehow got his hands on the treasure of Red Cave before he died?

Called it!

Edens Zero Chapter 111 Cover Page


After coming into contact with Mother’s Ether, it went inside the aquatic forcefield that Shiki used to get past the lava. As a result, it turns into this small, rainbow-colored lacrima. Nadia explains that what Shiki encountered was leftover Ether from the treasure in the temple. It was one of many items, called Relics, found throughout the universe that contains Mother’s Ether. If they find enough of them, they’ll lead a person to Mother.

Edens Zero Chapter 111- Relics

Right after this, though, Witch drops the ball by flat out telling Nadia the cold truth: Andrew’s dead.

Edens Zero Chapter 111- What the Heck Witch?

Just to prove it to Nadia, Witch shows the memory chip from the crashed ship, revealing Andrew’s final log. He was able to recover the relic from the thief, but as he was returning to Red Cave, his ship got hit by a meteoroid, blowing him off course. He died before he could return home. Nadia does not take the news well, and breaks her cable in order to see for herself.

Edens Zero Chapter 111- Nadia Does Not Take Andrew's Death Well.

Andrew’s death was not in vain, though. He was able to bring the Relic back on his ship, and thus it’s able to power all the robots once more. And apparently, it lowers the sea level as well.


I have to say, I did not expect the Red Cave Arc to end like this. Then again, Mashima has a history of following up massive shake-ups to his story with an arc that is far smaller in comparison. In addition, I feel really bad with how Nadia learned that her beloved Andrew was dead. Dear god, Witch, show a little tact! His death was not in vain, however, as he got the relic back to Red Cave.

Edens Zero Chapter 111- The Sunset Returns

In addition, Nadia and Andrew both managed to prove that love between an organic and a machine is possible. Thus, Ziggy’s claims that friendship between the two are impossible is wrong, and everyone in Edens Zero will know it going forward. That’s only going to strengthen their resolve to stop whatever force has possessed Ziggy.

I don’t know where the manga will go from here, but now we have a method of finding Mother. Which means we’re going to be seeing a lot more planets, and new Relics to track down. It’s the adventure spanning the cosmos that I can’t wait to see become an anime.

I Give “The Sky of Days Long Past” A 4/5.

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