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Love Conquers All in Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 110 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 110 Review/Recap

I’m not sure if you guys know this about me, but I’m a big supporter of the idea of love conquering all. It doesn’t matter if it’s nationalities, gender differences, or (in the case of fiction) different species. Love is love, no matter what. So when Hiro Mashima wants to throw something like a robot being in love with a human, I won’t judge. Because as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened in the new chapter of Edens Zero.


As the gang waits for Witch to return with Laguna, Nadia gives them her backstory, along with that of the underwater city. Two hundred years ago, the city was powered the ether generated by a great treasure. And within that treasure was a beacon that would help lead the way to Mother. However, said treasure got stolen, and all the robots began to shut down. Except for Nadia. A human engineer named Andrew kept her online, albeit attached to that cable.

Edens Zero Chapter 110- A Robot in Love

By the way, it should be obvious that Nadia was in love with Andrew. He left to find the treasure and promised to come back no matter what. Before Shiki can rain on her parade, Witch returns with Laguna in tow.

Edens Zero Chapter 110 Witch and Laguna

Using their combined powers, Witch and Laguna are able to come up with an alternative way for Shiki to get past the fire. Firstly, Laguna uses his powers to turn Shiki into water. Then Witch coats him in a forcefield to keep him intact. As a result, he becomes Aqua Shiki and can pass through the fire with ease! In the hall where the beacon is located, Shiki then sees something incredible: a vision of Mother herself.


Call me a hopeless romantic if you guys want; I don’t care. I think that love conquers all, and that includes between a human and a robot. We’ve already seen that a lot of the machines in Edens Zero can be indistinguishable from an organic person. And as we saw with Valkyrie, they’re more than capable of love. Ergo, I fully support Nadia and her love for Andrew. Which only makes it harder knowing that Andrew’s long dead.

However, something in my gut tells me that Andrew didn’t necessarily fail in his quest for the treasure. He could have found it, but knew he wouldn’t make it back alive. Thus, he programmed his ship to take him to the city after he died. That’s what I would do, at least. Thus, there’s a chance that something in the pod will be able to save Nadia and the robot’s. At least love found a way to save them.

At the moment, though, I’m very curious as to what this vision Shiki’s having of Mother could mean. We know next to nothing about her beyond the feeling that Shiki’s seen her before. Maybe this will unlock a new clue about that mystery. Or not. I’m enjoying it though.

Also, Shiki: learn a little tact, man! You can’t break Nadia’s heart like that. Unless she already knows that he’s dead, but has that lover’s feeling that he’ll find a way back regardless.

Edens Zero Chapter 110 Page 8

I Give “A Robot in Love” a 3.5/5

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  1. I feel like she knows he’s probably long dead- in the back of her mind, if nothing else. She might be believing that he lived simply because she WANTS Andrew to be alive……no; that’s not the right way to phrase that. What I mean is she’s in denial. And Shiki might have to give her the initial “push” through the other stages.
    I think next chapter will DEFINITELYhave a flashback as to why Shiki has a vague memory of knowing her. And I think that flashback will be something…….SMALL. Like; the first words he ever heard or something like that- a “prenatal memory” or something like that.

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