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A Lone Force To Tip the Scales

One Piece Chapter 990 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 990 Review/Recap

We’ve already seen it happen countless times throughout the course of One Piece, people. The good guys face a seemingly impossible situation, and it looks like the villains will come out on top. Then Luffy, that lone force of chaos, jumps in and we know the fight’s good as won. For the first time in a while though, someone else is acting as the lone force, the wild card, for the good guys. As a result, I think the odds of the Alliance beating Kaido just got even better.

Buckle up, people. This chapter’s going to be crazy.

One Piece Chapter 990 Cover Page


All across Onigashima, the battle between the Alliance and the Beast Pirates rages. On the roof of the skull, the Scabbards clash with the Numbers and Jack as Kaido watches on. Underneath the Dome, King and Queen alert everyone that they are to mobilize and join the fight. Their objective: keep the enemy away from Kaido by any means. Meanwhile, the main banquet hall’s in chaos as the Alliance clashes with Orochi’s former flunkies and the Numbers. Their goal is to clear a path for the Straw Hats to reach Kaido. However, the Straw Hats get drawn into the fight anyway to take down the Numbers.

Meanwhile, X Drake is confronted by the other Tobi Roppo. They figured out that he was the one who freed the prisoners in the Flower Capital, and order everyone to kill him when he flees. Knowing that he can’t abandon his secret mission for the Marines, though, Drake refuses to run. Remembering how Koby told him about Luffy’s awesomeness, Drake makes a gamble. Saying that he’s acting as a lone force with his own motives, Drake meets with Luffy and asks to fight alongside him.

One Piece Chapter 990- Two of the Worst Generation Meet


You know, it’s funny. Amidst all the chaos and revelations that we’ve gotten since coming to Wano, I’d forgotten about Drake’s secret. Turns out, he never left the Marines; he’s working as part of a top secret task force working undercover. As to what his goals are, we still don’t know. However, I’m willing to bet that right now, it has to do with taking down the Yonko.

For the time being, I think that having Drake on the Alliance’s side is a good thing. He may be a lone force and a wildcard in a battle with several wild cards already in play, but that doesn’t matter. With him having turned on the Beast Pirates, the fighting is only going to turn in the Alliance’s favor even more.

That said, there’s something that’s worrying me: in one scene, Basil Hawkins made a prediction about a certain man’s odds of survival. The results: a 1% chance. If that’s referring to Luffy, though, then I’m not worried. Unless the odds are at 0, Luffy will survive.

The manga’s on break next week, so I’ll be seeing you guys in two weeks. Enjoying this manga!

I Give “The Lone Force” a 3/5

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  1. I kind of think Hawkins was referring to Kaido- but I also feel like that would be too obvious. That said; I can only see one other person dying right now: Kin’emon. But does Hawkins even know who Kin IS?

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