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That’s Why Red Cave is A Fire Planet!

Edens Zero Chapter 108- Opening the Door

Edens Zero Chapter 109 Review/Recap

Firstly, I’m sorry that this post is late, but the website that updates the chapters was slow this week. Secondly, when I heard that the planet of Red Cave was supposed to be a fire planet, I called it ironic due to its abundance of water. However, I know that Mashima was just messing with us. That he’d show us why Red Cave’s a fire planet. And as we watch Shiki and the others face their biggest hurdle yet, we see that this was an accurate classification.

Edens Zero Chapter 108 Cover Page


After getting over the shock of their meeting, Nadia explains that she is the guardian of the temple to Mother. To be precise, she’s been its guardian for two hundred years, protecting a treasure long gone. That, and a beacon leading to Mother. She does not stop the gang from going on ahead in search of the beacon. However, she warns them that they may not make it there alive.

Nadia wasn’t joking, either. As the gang travels through an underground cave, the temperature begins to rise to unbearable levels. Eventually, the area itself turns into magma that starts to burn everyone. Not even Shiki’s Gravity Gear can protect them! As a result, the group has no choice but to retreat, having learned the truth about the planet’s name of Red Cave.

Now back to square one, the Shining Stars reveal that only someone with armor on Ziggy’s level can make it through the fires of Red Cave. Witch can’t get through it with her Water Ether, either. However, she has a plan that involves her backtracking to Blue Garden. There, she approaches an old adversary: Laguna. Since Drakken Joe fell, he’s been working in disguise on the Opera Scene. Now, Witch wants his help.

Edens Zero Chapter 108 The Return of Laguna


After reading this chapter, I’ve got two things that I want to say about it. Firstly, I am impressed at the reveal of why Red Cave was called a fire planet. At first glance, it looked like the name was ironic, given the tropical waters. I was not expecting it to get its name from the underground caves that are literally on fire! That fact alone makes the name “Red Cave” all the more meaningful in hindsight. Well played, Mashima; well played.

Secondly, I knew that we had not seen the last of Laguna of Drakken Joe’s Element 4. Besides Sylph, Laguna was the only member of the four that I could tolerate, more or less. In addition, he’s the water member of the quartet, and the one in Mashima’s previous manga joined the heroes. I just didn’t expect to see him again so soon.

As far as getting past the gauntlet of fire, though, I think Laguna may be their best shot at getting to the Mother Beacon. Otherwise, Red Cave may be a dead end for the Edens Zero.

The one thing that stood out to me, though, was the revelation that Nadia’s been stuck inside that temple for two hundred years. I’m willing to bet good money that Shiki won’t abide by that and find some way to free her, though, so I look forward to learning more about Nadia. Overall, this was a good, solid chapter.

I Give “Red Cave” a 3/5

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