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The Yonko Will Fall

One Piece Chapter 989 Straw Hats Together as One

One Piece Chapter 989 Review/Recap

You know, there might have once been a time when the Yonko would have scared me. When they were these powerful pirates who even the toughest enemies Luffy had fought feared. Then came the events of Whole Cake Island and we saw Luffy spit in the face of Big Mom several times. Then once we got to Wano, and we’ve seen Kaido try to break Luffy, only to fail like we knew he would. Now that the big raid’s come and Big Mom knows Luffy’s here, she wants nothing more than to kill him.

And here I am, just laughing at her threats.

I’m serious. The angrier the Straw Hats seem to make Big Mom, the funnier it seems because the old hag can’t read the writing on the wall. She may be powerful, but what’s a Yonko in the face of the future Pirate King? She can try and resist as much as she wants, but the Yonko will fall at Onigashima.


The enemy remains in utter shock at the fact that Franky just used his bike to attack Big Mom, while Shinobu and Momonosuke use the confusion to get to safety. Yamato also joins them (much to their confusion). As Big Mom recovers and gets even angrier at more Straw Hats, Franky insults her by calling her a hag. Nami tells him to run, but he stands his ground, saying that they’re going to make Luffy King of the Pirates. To make things even crazier, the Numbers appear. It turns out, they’re “failed giants” that Kaido got from Punk Hazard.

One Piece Chapter 989 the Numbers

Franky takes one of them down pretty quickly, but he leaves himself open to attack by Big Mom. Before she can, though, Jinbei judo-throws him into a net made by Robin. Together, the two manage to roll the Yonko right out of the banquet hall.

Meanwhile, Luffy meets up with Zoro and the two try to make it to the roof to take down Kaido. Before they can, they get intercepted by King and Queen, forcing them back into the banquet hall. As a result, all of the Straw Hats are in one place and the Alliance has enemies on all sides. Despite this, Hyogoro admits that he doesn’t feel like they’re losing. Neither does Luffy, as he tells his crew to defeat the enemy while he goes to kick Kaido’s ass.

One Piece Chapter 989 Straw Hats Together as One


Holy cow, that chapter was amazing. No wonder this was trending on Twitter yesterday!

I also wasn’t kidding earlier when I said I laughed at Big Mom’s threats. We’ve seen how powerful the Yonko are, and how strong their flunkies can be. But we’ve also heard that about every foe that Luffy and his allies have fought. Save for the Admirals and Magellan, the Straw Hats have managed to beat them all.

So, Big Mom can get as angry as she wants. She can rage about tearing Luffy apart and how much she hates him, but that’s not going to change the simple fact: two of the Yonko will fall at Onigashima, either by Luffy’s hands or by the Samurai. And while I’m pretty confident that Luffy and Zoro could go toe-to-toe with Big Mom and Kaido, I’m even more confident with all the Straw Hats fighting together. And if the last page of this chapter says anything, they’re about to kick some serious butt.

Great chapter all around, really looking forward to seeing the Straw Hats show the Yonko why they shouldn’t have messed with them.

I Give “Somehow, I Don’t Feel Like We’re Losing” a 4.5/5

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