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Nadia, Love of My Life

Edens Zero Chapter 108 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 108 Review/Recap

Last week, the heroes of Edens Zero spent their first day on the planet of Red Cave with a good old-fashioned beach day. However, that soon got interrupted by the sight of a space pod crashing into the ocean. One trip to the bottom of the sea later, and they find the pilot of said pod to be long dead. However, what’s even stranger is the fact that there’s an entire city underwater! How did this city get here? What connection does it have to Mother? And who is this Nadia person that’s referenced in the title of this chapter? At least one of those questions gets answered in this new chapter of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 108 Cover Page


After Pino confirms that the temple in the center of the underwater city has an image of Mother on it, everyone wants to go investigate. However, the crew’s divided on what to do with the body of the pilot; Shiki and Homura want to give them a burial, but Weisz talks them into just moving on. Before they do, though, Rebecca notices something written on the cockpit: “Nadia, love of my life.”

Edens Zero Chapter 108- "Nadia, Love of my life"

Inside the city, the only things they can find are the bodies of deactivated robots, which reminds them a little too much of Granbell. Before they can even process this, though, they get company. This giant cephalopod appears out of nowhere and starts attacking all of them. Worse, Shiki finds that being underwater messes with his gravity gear due to its buoyancy. He doesn’t really think too hard on it though. Instead, the young demon lord jumps out of the water, then uses his gravity gear to come crashing back down on the monster before it can eat everyone.

Edens Zero Chapter 108- Bad Squid thing

Shiki’s surprise attack saves everyone from the octopus, but it soon recovers, forcing them to make a run for the temple. Once they get inside, they discover two strange things. Firstly, the door acts as a barrier to keep the water out. Secondly, the sole inhabitant of the temple is an android called Nadia. Rebecca realizes that she must be the Nadia referred to in the message on the pilot’s cockpit.

Edens Zero Chapter 108- Nadia, the Guardian of the Temple


I have to say, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find this underwater city to be home to machines. My money was on merfolk or some sort of aquatic species. I’m also still trying to figure out how these machines could survive underwater without short-circuit. It’s possible, since we use ROV’s in real life, but still. In addition, there’s still the question of what could have caused them all to deactivate.

Then there’s the temple guardian, Nadia. At first glance, I think she may be some sort of priestess for Mother, but that doesn’t explain why she’s the only one active in the city. Regardless, I think she’s going to be an important character going forward. After all, she’s the only clue we have as to the identity of the dead pilot, and to what happened to the city. In addition, something tells me that she may end up joining the crew of the Edens Zero. Right now, though, we don’t know enough to make an educated guess.

One thing that worries me, though, is Shiki. This chapter reveals that his gravity gear doesn’t always function properly in some environments. If this arc takes place underwater, then he’s at a big disadvantage, and that means the heroes are screwed.

I wish this chapter had spent more time revealing the point of what’s going on, but good job. Either way, I can’t way to see the next chapter.

I Give “Nadia, Love of My Life” a 3/5

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  1. I think this place has something to do with Shiki’s origin- considering that he felt a “familiar ether” in the temple. And depending on how long ago it was; Nadia might have known hik as an infant.

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