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MonthAugust 2020

The Owl House Episode 14- Really Small Problems

King’s Small Problem at the Carninval

The Owl House Episode 14 Review Folks, I have no idea why, but for some reason, we got two episodes of The Owl House. But I’m not going to look … Continue Reading King’s Small Problem at the Carninval

The Meaning of Momonosuke

Two weeks ago, we saw Oda deal out wild card after wild card in the war for Wano. First, Kaido reveals his plans to turn Wano into a Pirate Empire. Secondly, he seemingly kills Orochi and forces his men to join him or die. Thirdly, Nami and Carrot have been captured by Big Mom. Worst of all, though, Momonosuke is gonna be killed. Yet the Yonko remain unaware that the jaws of the Alliance are about to snap shut on them as Momonosuke lives up to the meaning of his name.

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