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The Yonko Bare Their Fangs

One Piece Chapter 988 Cover Page Bigger Version

One Piece Chapter 988 Review/Recap

Two weeks ago, the Alliance of pirates, ninjas, samurai, and Minks began their raid on Onigashima. Thanks to the Beast Pirates spending the night partying, they got caught completely off guard. As a result, the Scabbards and the Minks separated Kaido from his army just as the full moon rises. But can the Alliance face down the might of two Yonko? After this chapter, I know they can.

One Piece Chapter 988 Cover Page


Picking up where we last left off, the Scabbards and Minks face down Kaido in his dragon form atop Onigashima. However, Kaido’s no longer alone. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Numbers. At their head is none other than Jack, the man who tortured the Minks to find Raizo. Mad beyond measure at the sight of their tormentor, the Minks proceed to transform into their Sulong forms and take on Jack and the Numbers while the Scabbards face Kaido himself.

In the banquet hall, chaos erupts as the Beast Pirates try to get their bearings. Shinobu tries, and fails, to free Momonosuke. However, Sanji manages to free the Kozuki heir using his Germa Suit. King manages to blow his cover before he can slip away, but he manages to throw him to Shinobu before getting ready to take down Queen.

One Piece Chapter 988- Sanji Saves Momonosuke

As for Big Mom, she’s beyond pissed at the fact that Luffy’s managed to crash three parties for her, so she’s not going to let Luffy leave the island alive. She’s so busy trying to kill Luffy, though, that she doesn’t notice that Nami managed to swipe back Zeus when she wasn’t looking.

Unfortunately, Zeus can’t defy Big Mom since he’s made from her soul, and Big Mom shifts her focus to killing Nami. That is, until Brook and Franky come in on the Franky Rider, cut Zeus in half, and faceplant on Big Mom’s face.



So, am I scared about the fact that Luffy and his crew and allies are going to have to face two Yonko at once? Not in the slightest. Big Mom and Kaido may possess inhuman strength, but they’re not gods, and they can be brought down. In the last chapter, we saw that the Scabbards were able to injure Kaido. It may not have been much, but if you look at his reaction, you could tell that, for the briefest moment, he felt fear. Which is smart, because we know that he’s going down.

As for Big Mom, it looks as though she’s not going to let Luffy and the others pass until she’s been taken down for good. Fortunately, Luffy has trained to penetrate another person’s Armament Haki, and his Future Vision improves his reaction time. As a result, I think that Luffy can fight Big Mom on more even footing.

There may have been a time when the mere sight of the Yonko would scare us, but that time has past. I don’t know what will happen next, but it won’t matter, as long as it involves Luffy winning. The Yonko will fall at Onigashima!

I Give “Sorry to Keep You Waiting” a 3/5

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