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Prayer Council, What’s That?

Edens Zero Chapter 106 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 106 Review/Recap

We’re back, people! After a national holiday that saw manga take a break last week, Edens Zero is back and ready for a new arc. When we last saw the Edens Zero, they had made it into the Aoi Cosmos. Which, in Mashima’s mind, somehow equates to oceans in the middle of space. As the heroes continue on their journey, though, they’ve attracted attention from the authorities. Enough attention for the Interstellar Army to call something called a “Prayer Council.” What is a Prayer Council? I don’t know, but it sounds important.


After a brief recap by our fourth-wall breaking narrator, Xiao Mei, we pick up where we last saw the Edens Zero: at the entrance to the fish cosmos, Aoi Cosmos. Unfortunately, Ziggy wiped the ship’s records of their trips outside the Sakura Cosmos. Combined with the Star’s having their memories wiped as well, and Witch admits they’re now flying blind. Hermit was able to find clues, though. Firstly, the Zero came along this exact same route before headed to the Fire Planet, Red Cave. Secondly is that the Aoi Cosmos is ruled by Poseidon Nero, He’s another member of the Oracion Seis and he’s called the Emperor.

Edens Zero Chapter 106- Poseidon Nero, The Emperor of the Aoi Cosmos
Sounds a lot like a Yonko

Meanwhile, in another part of space, members of the Interstellar Army talk about how Noah lied in his report about one of his subordinates taking down Drakken Joe. Their leader, Justice, saw the Demon King Ether readings on Belial Gore; he knows it was someone else. The talking gets interrupted, though, by a communication from other members of the: the Oracion Seis Interstelar, who hold a prayer council.

In this prayer council, the Interstelar talk about Elsie traveling to the Aoi Cosmos and Joe’s defeat. As a result of Elsie’s movements, Justice volunteers to hunt down Elsie so that he may kill her. Meanwhile, the Edens Zero arrives at Red Cave, which is less a fire planet and more of a water planet.


Since this chapter marks the start of the Aoi Cosmos Saga, as I’m referring to it, it had a lot of info that it needed to drop on us. So, I’m going to breakdown my thoughts on what we learned.

Firstly, I think we should discuss this Poseidon Nero. If he’s the Emperor of the Aoi Cosmos, then I have a feeling that he’s bad news. And given that the fact that Shiki is, well, Shiki, it won’t take long for the heroes to make him mad. They may pick a fight with his jerkwad lackeys or something, but we all know it’s going to happen. Unless Nero turns out to be a friend of the old Ziggy.

The bigger concern, though, is the revelation about the Oracion Seis Interstelar. If the Oracion Seis Galatica are the six strongest criminals in space, then Interstelar are the law’s equivalent to them. Nominally, they should be the good guys, but we have yet to see proof they are. More concerning is that, while they don’t know who he is yet, Shiki’s now on their radar. That means that they’re coming for him someday.

So, I still don’t know why this meeting was called a “prayer council”, but I know what I’m praying for: for Shiki to not do anything stupid. Or at least not to die again. Overall, slow start to the new arc, but we’ll get there.

I Give “Prayer Council” a 3/5

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  1. I’m really eager to see what Justice is capable of- considering his Ether pattern. And yeah; Shiki might end up in a confrontation with Nero. And I think that Nero and Ziggy DO have some kind of history. Maybe a conflict in the past- which will make him even more aggressive when it comes to Shiki and the Shining Stars- and of course; the revived Ziggy himself. But I think that will tie in to how Shiki befriends this member of the Oracion Seis. Maybe Mashima’s gonna go with the whole “Enemy of my enemy” line.
    I think the thing I like most about this chapter was what it means for the series. It’s a big “story-altering” chapter; it was made for the purpose of changing the Status Quo of the series. Shiki now has friends in the government(Noah and Amira), and enemies in the government(Justice). And he also has friends in the Oracion Seis(Elsie and-to an extent- Drakken), and a powerful new enemy- with tons of connections.
    I think this chapter was a great build up chapter. Was it as good as chapter 98? NO. But the things it does make it almost as good!

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