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Owl House Sports Episode

The Owl House Episode 17- Grudgby Match

The Owl House, Episode 17 Review

I know it’s only been seven months since The Owl House first premiered on Disney Channel, but thanks to how the world is, it feels longer. Now that we’re almost at the end of the first season, I keep looking back on the main characters and realize how much they’ve changed since we first met them. While Luz has gone through some major growth as a witch (with card glyphs being her motif), the characters who I think have grown the most would be Amity and Willow. In this breather episode that we get before the big finale, we get to see just how much they’ve grown in the short time they’ve known Luz, and it’s very touching to look at.

Also, now that we know that Amity has a crush on Luz, it only makes their interactions even more adorable!

Boscha the New Alpha Girl

The Owl House Episode 17- Grudgby Match

Do you guys remember Boscha: the girl with three eyes that I joked looked like if Tom and Janna from Star vs. had a kid? Well, ever since the events of Grom night, Amity’s started to spend more time with Luz and patch things up with Willow, and all but broken off things with Boscha. As a result, she’s taken Amity’s place as the new Alpha Girl of Hexside.

Which sucks for her, as Willow’s become way more confident from hanging out with Luz and reconciling with Amity. When Willow continues to show her up in school (and Amity roasts her for her immaturity), Boscha spends the entire day making Luz, Gus, and Willow’s lives miserable. How does Luz resolve this? By challenging Boscha to a game of Grudgby Ball. If they win, Boscha has to leave Willow alone. If Boscha wins, they get to use them as water gofers and target practice.

How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Luz?

Trivia time: why do you think Luz would make such a risky bet in the first place? If you the answer is “because she got the idea from a work of fiction,” then you are correct. She’s basing this on a “Good Witch Azura” Sports Movie and the fact that her side’s the underdogs, and underdogs always win.

The big problem is that every time Luz has tried to use what she learns from her Azura stuff to fix her problems, it always backfires on her. Yet the lesson never fully sticks and she just gets in more trouble. This doesn’t mean she’s not learning, though. She’s caught on that the Boiling Isles aren’t like the PG fantasy story she imagined, and has adapted to it.

In addition, she’s not as reckless as she was at the start of the season, which helps her out. In the end, Luz realizes she messed up and tries to take all the punishment in Willow’s stead, surprising everyone. Even Boscha admits that Luz is a good friend….that doesn’t stop her from using Luz as target practice, though. Fortunately, she gets help in from Amity.

Amity’s Crush is So Adorable

The Owl House Episode 17- Amity’s Crush Blush

When we first met Amity, she couldn’t stand Luz or Willow. Now she can’t seem to get two sentences around her without blushing or babbling like an idiot. It’s absolutely adorable to watch, especially since she tries to deny it in front of everyone else. Unfortunately for shippers out there, Luz seems to be the kind of hero who’s oblivious to love. She doesn’t seem to pick up on Amity’s obvious feelings for her, which most people would be able to.

Shipping frustration aside, this episode does show how much Amity’s grown as a character over the course of the season. She went from being condescending jerk to a misunderstood perfectionist who just wants real friends to a true friend of Luz and Willow. When Boscha says that by helping Luz and Willow, she killed her social life, Amity merely says that she just improved it. You go, girl! Shake off that toxic influence!!

In the end, Boscha wins due to some “Golden Snitch” nonsense that calls out how that trope in Harry Potter, but it doesn’t matter in the end. The Grudgby team loses all respect for her and transfers it to Willow, thus nullifying any of Boscha’s attempts to humiliate her and Luz. Karma’s a pain, huh Boscha?

The Owl House Episode 17- Amity’s Real Friends

What Does Emperor Belos Have Planned?

We now only have two episodes left in the season, and from the sound of things, something big is going to happen in these next two episodes. And I think that it has something to do with Emperor Belos.

In the episode’s B-Plot, Lilith tries once more to get Eda to join the Emperor’s Coven, apparently at Belos’ own behest. According to Lilith, Belos has big plans for the Boiling Isles. Given what we know about the Emperor right now, I doubt that any of those plans are good.

I have no idea what’s going to happen in the last two episodes, but I hope that it blows everyone’s minds in the process. The Owl House needs to finish its first season strong if it wants to be one of Disney’s top cartoons for the 2020’s.

Luz Makes History as Disney’s First Bisexual Main

Before I ended this post, I wanted to let you guys know that The Owl House just made headlines, with Dana Terrace confirming that Luz is bisexual.

While she isn’t the first LGBTQ+ character Disney’s done, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a first for Disney. It even made CNN’s website!

I Give “Wing it Like Witches” A 4/5

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  1. I think there might be more to Boscha than we’ve seen. Since Amity’s turning over new leaf; maybe she’ll be the one who fills in the role of the bully character.
    As far as Belos’ plans go; they’re definitely not good. But whatever it is; it’s clear that he can’t make it happen- or at least not quite as successfully- without Eda.

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