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“It’s All Out War!” A Bold Declaration in One Piece

One Piece Chapter 987 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 987 Review/Recap

My fellow One Piece fans, I’ve been waiting for this day for almost four years now. It’s been a long and winding road for the Straw Hats to get to this moment, including some unwanted detours. Still, here we are, the moment when the war to take down Kaido and Big Mom begins! And as we see in this chapter, it’s apparent that Oda’s not pulling any punches. Wano descends into all-out war!


One Piece Chapter 987 The Scabbards Tear into Kaido

Picking up right where we left off, the Beast Pirates watch as the Scabbards tear into Kaido. Each of their weapons stabs him in the same spot Oden injured him years ago. To Kaido’s shock, their blades manage to pierce his skin as they fall into the floors below.

Seeing that the moment’s come, the Allies in the room throw off their disguises and take the enemy by surprise. Big Mom, though, furiously charges at Luffy, determined to kill him for crashing her party. As a result, Nami and Carrot manage to escape. Big Mom then asks why on earth did Luffy come to Onigashima in the first place: to defeat Kaido. And instead of saying it myself, I’ll just let Luffy do it.

One Piece Chapter 987- Luffy Declares War on the Yonko

Big Mom laughs at this, and basically asks him “you and what army?” Right on cue, the Alliance makes its move. The Udon Prisoners, Yakuza, Samurai, Straw Hats, Heart Pirates, Kidd Pirates, Marco the Phoenix, Minks, and thousands more warriors reveal themselves. To the Beast Pirates horror, they’re surrounded!

One Piece Chapter 987- The Alliance's 'Portal' Scene

As for Kaido, he realizes that the Scabbards were part of all the events on Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, and Zou. As impressed as he is, he still thinks they’ll lose because their allies will flee when they realize they can’t win. Kin’emon knows that Luffy will never do that, though. He will set Wano free and end Kaido’s reign. Amused, Kaido moves the Scabbards to the roof of his fortress so he can fight them properly. Thus, the war for the future of Wano begins!

One Piece Chapter 987- Kaido faces down the Scabbards


When I read this chapter, I couldn’t keep myself from grinning from ear-to-ear. After having to avoid open warfare against the Yonko from the start of this arc, seeing the Alliance finally make its stand is an absolute joy to watch. More importantly, seeing the Beast Pirates horror at the fact that they’re trapped by an army of thousands of pissed off enemies is cathartic to see.

But above all that, though, I loved hearing Luffy’s fearless declaration of all-out war. We know him well enough to understand that when he says he’s gonna beat their faces in, it’s as good as done. And the Scabbards all know this, too, as they don’t buy what Kaido’s saying about him fleeing.

I said back when I started this that Kaido made a fatal mistake not killing Luffy when he had the chance. The fact that he thinks beating him one time will be enough to make him run away made me want to laugh until my sides are sore. *laughs like crazy*. The future Pirate King’s not going to be afraid of a mere Yonko. Even if the Yonko have the numbers, they’re outclassed. Plus, there’s this little tidbit that gets dropped at the end of the chapter:

One Piece Chapter 987- The Full Moon Rises

Next chapter, we can expect all sorts of amazing fighting to occur as we witness the beginning of the end for the Beast Pirates. Hopefully, we’ll see an army of super-Minks go on a rampage, too! I can’t wait!

I Give Faithful Servant A 4.8/5. Most One Piece chapter of the year

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