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Edens Zero Chapter 105 Dragonfall

Edens Zero Chapter 105 Review/Recap

Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming, but at last, the crew of Edens Zero is leaving Sakura Cosmos behind. Beyond them layers Outer Space, untold adventures, and most importantly, Mother. With Joe defeated and the Shining Stars assembled, the Edens Zero is ready for the last obstacle between them and Outer Space: Dragonfall! It’s going to take help from everyone if they want to get through the home of the dragons, but they’ve come too far now to lose. Dragonfall will be the start of their next journey!

Edens Zero Chapter 105 Cover Page


Edens Zero Chapter 105 Dragonfall

Most of the crew of Edens Zero is stunned at the sight of Dragonfall. Tens of thousands of dragons light up their eyes, acting as a web covering all of Sakura Cosmos. The only way to get past Dragonfall is push through at top speed. However, it appears Edens One beat them there, and killed most of the dragons in the region to push through. Now the remainder are out for blood!

Everyone on the Zero goes to battle stations, even Jinn and Sylph, to fight off the dragons. Fortunately, the ship’s more than capable: it can actually take the Ether from people manning the gun turrets and use it for itself, giving it’s shots even greater power!

Edens Zero Chapter 105- Shiki in Overdrive Form
Edens Zero Chapter 105- Punching through Dragonfall

With their combined efforts, the Edens Zero manages to punch right through Dragonfall, and make it into Outer Space! Only, they’re not out of danger yet. Now, they have to deal with their new location: the Posedion Nero Sector of the Aoi Cosmos.


Once again, we have another chapter that I feel will only have proper justice done to it in animated format. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to fully appreciate this chapter. I loved it: from the tens of thousands of dragons in Dragonfall to the high-speed pursuit by the dragons, to the fact that they wind up in a part of space with water and fish! I don’t even know how that works; it defies the laws of physics! But that just makes it awesome!

Edens Zero Chapter 105- A Giant Space-Sea Monster!

I have absolutely no idea what Hiro Mashima must be planning right now, but if this is the kind of amazing stuff that we can expect, I think that readers are in good hands. The coolest thing about the chapter, though, had to be the ether turrets. Having the gun turrets use each characters Ether powers is like a power-up from a video game. It’s effective and fun to watch. I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

Also, I loved the faces Homura made in this chapter. So funny!

I Give “Dragonfall” a 4.9/5

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  1. I did NOT think that we would see Demon King Shiki this soon. I thought it was going to come a lot later- when he was in his most intense fight yet. THIS……..okay; it didn’t feel like the situation warranted Overdrive. I feel like when they activated the Ether Link Ammo; they were already pretty much ready to leave. Shiki probably could have done that without Overdrive.

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