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Relationships at the Heart of Amphibia

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 4- Quarreler's Pass and Toadcatcher-Sasha and Grime

Amphibia Season 2, Episode 4A/4B Review

You know what I consider to be one of the staples to a great show? Is it the plot; the music; the action and drama? All of these are considered, but one factor that I feel gets overlooked is the relationships between characters. As a show progresses, we expect to new dynamics in the relationships between the characters as they grow and change. And in this week’s episode of Amphibia, two relationships that have not gotten much focus take center-stage in two delightful episodes.

Quarreler’s Pass

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 4- Quarreler's Pass and Toadcatcher-Sprig and Polly Being Annoying

Even thought they’re siblings, Sprig and Polly didn’t get a chance to establish a good sibling dynamic in the first season. That changes in this episode, though. Fed up with the two always arguing, Anne and Hop Pop leave them for a team-bonding exercise at a place called Quarreler’s Pass. If they want to get through it in one piece, they have to look past their faults and work together.

I’m no stranger to getting into fights and arguments with siblings. It’s a common trope in western shows that include siblings as the main characters. More than that, though, I found Sprig and Polly’s arguing remind me of my own relationship with my own sister. We didn’t always get along growing up due to different interests, but no matter how much we may have annoyed each other, we’d always make up. Thankfully, Sprig and Polly figure this lesson out before they get eaten by a pair of siamese worms. Thank god, too, because I’d hate for them to be like when they grow up.


Amphibia Season 2 Episode 4- Quarreler's Pass and Toadcatcher-Sasha and Grime

This is the episode everyone’s been waiting for: the return of Sasha and Captain Grime, and the first appearance of that newt with Wolverine claws! Considering how season one ended with Sasha and Grime retreating to lick their wounds from the loss of Toad Tower, there was a lot of anticipation for this episode. It did not disappoint, either.

Ever since Anne beat her, Sasha’s thrown herself into training to get stronger to get revenge on Anne and the Plantar’s. As a result, she’s a total beast when it comes to fighting. She’s more driven than ever and at the top of her game.

Grime, on the other hand, has let himself go. A lot. Ignoring the fact that he’s gained weight and a beard, I thought the biggest change was in his personality. He’s lost a lot of the blood lust that made him so scary in Season One. Though given the fact that Newtopia’s labeled him a criminal and all but two of the Toads have abandoned him, it’s not surprising.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 4- Quarreler's Pass and Toadcatcher-Yunnan Hamming It Up

What was surprising, though, is how hammy the new character, Yunnan. Every time she appears, she insists on introducing herself with grandiose titles. I don’t know who it reminds me more of: Mina or the Ginyu Force.

That said, the episode does have a purpose beyond showing us what the two have been up to. In order to defeat Yunnan, Sasha and Grime end up calling each other out on their current behavior. Sasha calls Grime out for letting his defeat break him, while Grime calls her out on how she lost Anne as a friend. The experience makes the two better friends. Still evil, though.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 4- Quarreler's Pass and Toadcatcher-Grime is back

Everyone’s headed to Newtopia

So, two major relationships have been mended, and everyone’s headed to Newtopia. Yes, Grime and Sasha are now headed to Newtopia, but not to get Grime’s job back. They’re gonna conquer it, and Sasha wants to settle things with Anne. In other words, the two parties are on a collision course in the near future.

We still have a month and a half of new episodes in store. Plenty of time to see more amazing things. Next week, though, we have something big to look forward to: GRAVITY FALLS CAMEO!!!!!!!

I Give “Quarreler’s Pass” a 4/5 and “Toadcatcher” a 4.5/5

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  1. I made a joke with my brothers after the episode: That Grime is doing what Sasha taught him to do- manipulate people through kindness(or something better way to phrase that). I don’t know if Grime is manipulating Sasha, but wouldn’t that be a twist?

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