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The Meaning of Momonosuke

One Piece Chapter 986 Review/Recap

Two weeks ago, we saw Oda deal out wild card after wild card in the war for Wano. First, Kaido reveals his plans to turn Wano into a Pirate Empire. Secondly, he seemingly kills Orochi and forces his men to join him or die. Thirdly, Nami and Carrot have been captured by Big Mom. Worst of all, though, Momonosuke is gonna be killed. Yet the Yonko remain unaware that the jaws of the Alliance are about to snap shut on them as Momonosuke lives up to the meaning of his name.


One Piece Chapter 986- The Scabbards Assemble

In the back entrance to Kaido’s mansion, the remaining Scabbards assemble, along with Izo. As for Kanjuro, he lies defeated on the ground with his former comrades in tears. In the main hall, all of Orochi’s men pledge themselves to Kaido (so much for loyalty). As for Momonosuke, Kaido makes him an offer. If he admits that he’s not Oden and Toki’s son, he can go free. This makes him remember his father tell him the meaning of his name: “The Peerless One.” Thus, he proudly himself to be Momonosuke Kozuki, the man who will be Wano’s Shogun.

One Piece Chapter 986- My Name is Momonosuke Kozuki

Meanwhile, Luffy uses his training to get Yamato’s handcuffs off in time. They then explode, proving Kaido to be a horrible dad. Fortunately, the explosion’s a great distraction. As a result, everyone’s caught off guard when the Scabbards jump out of nowhere, plunging their swords into Kaido. At last, the raid has begun!

That may not kill him, but dang, does it feel good to watch! Kaido’s reckoning has come!


Finally, things are starting to get good in Wano. I’ve been around a year or so for this moment, and Oda managed to deliver on it! This is the final chapter before we get into what will hopefully be one of the biggest battles in One Piece history, and it managed to get me more hyped than ever.

Firstly, I’m disappointed that none of Orochi’s followers had any loyalty to him. As much as it shows how no one liked him, it also shows how they’re all scumbags. They’re selling out their own country even more than they’ve already done!

Secondly, I like how Momonosuke defiantly proclaimed himself to be Oden’s son. We’ve seen how he’s struggling to live up to the legacy of his father. But even in the face of certain death, he’s brave enough to live up to his name. He’s going to be an amazing Shogun when this is all over.

And as much as I wanted Orochi to get his just desserts, he’s just a puppet. Kaido’s the one who’s butt needs to get kicked. Question is, who will take him down: the Scabbards, or Luffy? Probably Luffy, but you never know.

Best part, though, is that we’ll be getting a new chapter next week! At last, the war for Wano shall begin! Now, as we wait for Momonosuke to be rescued, enjoy this awesome video I found on Twitter.

All credit goes to the person who made this.

I Give “My Name” a 4.5/5

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