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Elsie Crimson, Pirate Queen

Edens Zero Chapter 104 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 104 Review/Recap

Thanks to the intervention of Elsie Crimson, Ziggy and the Edens One have retreated. That’s small comfort to Shiki and the Shining Stars. They now have to accept the fact that Shiki’s adopted grandpa’s now his worst enemy. However, what could have brought about this change following his resurrection? In this chapter, Elsie Crimson gives us some clues and explains her past with Ziggy.

Edens Zero Chapter 104 Cover Page


The first Elsie does once on the Edens Zero is enjoy is giant baths with Rebecca and Homura. She says skin ship is a great way to bond. Homura, though, demands a duel with Elsie. The redhead then manages to catch Homura’s ether sword with her foot.

Edens Zero Chapter 104 Elsie Stops Homura's Sword

And promptly kicks her butt.

Edens Zero Chapter 104 Elsie Bests Homura

As soon as the girls are out of the baths, though, Shiki wants to know the truth about Ziggy and Elsie’s relationship with him. So, she sits the gang down and has a nice chat with them.

Many years ago, Elsie was a refugee from war when Ziggy found her. He let her stay on the Edens Zero as he returned to Granbell with baby Shiki. When he finally returned to Granbell, he left the Zero to her, with the promise of giving it to Shiki when the time came. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to survive on her own, so she just kept stealing. Next thing she knew, she was called a pirate.

Edens Zero Chapter 104- Elsie has Pride in Herself
She’s channeling a LOT of Erza right now

After she gave the ship to Shiki, she returned to Granbell to visit Ziggy’s grave. However, she found that his mechanical body was emitting a new, dark ether from it. She doesn’t know what could have happened to him, but she’s determined to take him down, and invites Shiki to do the same.

Shiki’s ultimate goal hasn’t changed, though. He’s going to stop his grandpa’s plans, see Mother, and have her repair Granbell. With new resolve, the crew of Edens Zero reaches the border between Sakura Cosmos and Outer Space: Dragonfall.

Edens Zero Chapter 104-Dragonfall


Well, it’s nice that we finally got some backstory regarding Mashima’s expy for Erza Scarlet. Everyone’s thinking it, so I’m only saying it. Personality wise, Elsie is a more of a troll than Erza was, but she’s got her monstrous strength! It also explains why someone so nice is a pirate. Then again, so is Luffy.

The big concern, though, is about Ziggy. I have a new theory now: what if that’s not really Ziggy in his body, but something far more sinister? Elsie dis say this dark ether is different from the Demon King’s. Perhaps he’s been infected by some malevolent force with one goal: to see mother.

Edens Zero Chapter 104- The Dark Demon King Ziggy

Regardless, it looks like our time in the Sakura Cosmos is about to come to an end. We’re going to see the whole universe now, and I am pumped for what’s to come. This chapter does a good job of preparing ourselves for everything that’s about to happen. So many adventures and mysteries await us. I’m pumped!

I Give “The Woman They Call Pirate” a 3.8/5

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  1. This whole Granbell mini-arc made me look back at the beginning. And I realized: This is kind of like Dragon Ball! Guy meets girl in “random chance encounter that ends up being the most important moment in the Universe,” they go on an adventure to make a wish, main character has to fight his grandfather-and I’m sure there’s going to be more as I continue to look.
    I like how troll-y Elsie is. It makes for some good comedy. And her strength is pretty impressive.

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