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School is Now In Session At Hexside

The Owl House Episode 13- First Day at Hexside and not a Good Impression

It may have taken some hard work on both her and Eda’s parts, but it’s finally paying off for Luz. At last, she’s going to be attending Hexside and learn how to be a witch. But when the educational system wants kids to stick to a single path, can Luz really manage to do that? Or is she going to have to shake things up?

When The System Fails Someone

The Owl House Episode 13- First Day at Hexside and not a Good Impression

Who’s at fault when the educational system fails to help its students? Is it the students for not trying hard enough, or did the system itself fail them by not accomodating their needs? In this case, I’d say the educational systems at fault. On her first day at Hexside, Principal Bump puts her in a random track, and when she tries mixing other magic, she gets thrown in the detention track. Which, by the way, now consists of actual detention and not that monster thing from before.

Like Luz, the detention students got put there because they wanted to focus on more than one track. As a result, they can’t even learn magic. Not that that’s a problem for them, though. They’ve got a secret hideout a-la Hogwarts “Room of Requirement” that lets them spy on all the other tracks. Despite at first seeing herself as better than detention, Luz realizes that she’s more at home with the other detention students then in just one course. And in a twist of irony, they end up saving Hexside from a monster that feeds on magic. As a result, Bump agrees to let them study more than one track, with Luz getting the chance to learn from all of them.

The Owl House Episode 13- First Day at Hexside and Magical Girl Transformation

Finding your Place in the World

Since it’s start, The Owl House has been consistent with its themes. It’s a show about outcasts trying to find their place in a world that doesn’t fully get them. Luz has already found friends in the form of Eda and the others, but in her case, she can’t just find her place. She has to make it.

Luz wasn’t the first person who wanted to study everything at Hexside. According to Bump, Eda tried, and failed, to do the same thing. However, the fact that Bump lets Luz do that could be taken as a sign that she may be able to succeed where her mentor failed. Bump does seem to have some sort of silent expectations in place for Luz.

The Owl House Episode 13- First Day at Hexside Eda as a Student

Why Only One Track?

After watching this episode, though, a question popped into my head. Why would the Emperor decree that witches can only learn one type of magic? His Coven has no such restriction on them, and there seem to be no repercussions to using multiple kinds of magic. I’m not sure yet, but I have a theory in my head as to why. If its right, then this show’s going to get even more interesting.

The reason why Emperor Bellows forbids people from learning more than one kind of magic? It’s because he’s afraid that it will give rise to a witch strong enough to oppose him. So he restricts magic’s use to all but his followers. I mean, it’s what I would do. And if I’m right, then this could mean Luz will be in great danger in the future.

For now, though, this is only a theory and we have more episodes left in the season. So, let’s just enjoy the ride. 

I Give “The First Day” a 4/5. Also, loved King pretending to be a teacher!

The Owl House Episode 13- First Day
King- A master at useless skills

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  1. Man……this show just got BETTER. I like the lore in place here, and I think that you’re right: Bellows is afraid. Which might be why he……
    You know something? The part of the episode that caught my eye the most: Amity getting all flustered now that she’s going to school with Luz. Is that………?
    This episode was AMAZING! Just all around great.

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