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Clash of the Cosmos

Edens Zero Chapter 103- Edens Zero vs. Edens One

Edens Zero Chapter 103 Review/Recap

All right, I will be the first to admit that I may be wrong. Ziggy’s face-heel turn may be genuine and not just an act to see if Shiki’s ready to make the journey to see Mother. It doesn’t matter, though. What matters now is that Ziggy’s trying to destroy Edens Zero. This chapter pits Zero against One in a clash of the Cosmos!

Edens Zero Chapter 103 Cover Page


Once more, Shiki and the Shining Stars plead to Ziggy to come to his senses, wondering what could have happened to him. Their pleas fall on deaf ears, though. Despite Conner raising objections over the Zero having only women and children, the Dark Stars shut him down. Reluctantly, Conner follows his orders: sink the Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 103- Edens Zero vs. Edens One

It’s Edens vs. Edens as the clash of the cosmos begins. However, true to Ziggy’s word, the Edens One seems to outclass the Edens Zero in every way. One can outrun Zero, it has better weapons, and worse, it has the Dark Stars. Just one of them is able to obliterate the drone force the Edens Zero has on board

Edens Zero Chapter 103- Wizard Shows off his Power
Oh, crud.

Just when the heroes are on the ropes, a familiar face appears: Elsie Crimson! Using the Skull Fairy, she obliterates the attacking drones, letting the Zero evade the One’s Ether Cannon. Not wanting to fight Elsie, Ziggy orders Conner to withdraw for the moment. With that, the Clash of the Cosmos comes to an end. But is this only the beginning?

Edens Zero Chapter 103- The Skull Fairy


I still don’t know yet if Ziggy’s really evil or if this is just him playing his role as “Demon King” for Shiki’s sake. Like I said, though, that doesn’t matter. He’s Shiki’s enemy now, and Shiki needs to be ready to fight him when the time comes.

At the moment, though, we still know so little about what could have made Ziggy like this. My guess: next chapter, Elsie will enlighten us a little about it. In the meantime, though, can we talk about just how epic this space fight was.

The chapter lives up to its name of “Clash of the Cosmos”, in my opinion. The ship to ship combat between the Edens reminds me of the best fights in Star Wars and Star Trek. And the appearances of the Dark Stars are very intimidating.

That said, this is chapter where the manga format holds the story back. There’s just not enough room to appreciate the epic space battle we see. If the anime reaches this point, I’m sure will get more out of it. Until then, though, I’m left waiting.

I Give “Clash of the Cosmos” a 4/5. Good Chapter, Held Back By Manga Format.

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