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The New Onigashima Plan

One Piece Chapter 985 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 985 Review/Recap

Well, One Piece goes on break for two weeks, only to come back and pull off a big plot twist. One that, honestly, caught me off guard. In hindsight, though, I think I should have seen it coming in the end. This chapter sees the Wano Arc take a new turn with the unveiling of the New Onigashima Plan.

One Piece Chapter 985 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump


In the rear entrance to Onigashima, the Scabbards are confronted by the traitor Kanjuro. Their former comrade knew that the Scabbards would come, even if no one had spotted them yet. It didn’t matter, though: Momonosuke was about to executed in front of everyone. Furthermore, Kanjuro beat the snot out of the kid when he tried to escape. Enraged, O-Kiku clashes with his former friend, while the Scabbards take on ink clones of themselves and Beast Pirate members.

One Piece Chapter 985- O-Kiku vs Kanjuro
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Inside the castle, Yamato reiterates that he wants to bring down his father. Kaido’s kept him in Wano since he was eight, even resorting to explosive cuffs to keep him in line. Otherwise, he’d have left with Ace years ago. Luffy gets the cuffs off, but says warns him he’ll take down Kaido either way. As for Kaido, he announces his master plan with Big Mom in attendance, the New Onigashima Plan. They plan on turning Wano into a Pirate Empire known as New Onigashima. With the strength of the Beast and Big Mom Pirates, they plan on seizing the Ancient Weapons, conquer the world, and gain the One Piece. However, Orochi objects to them taking the Flower Capital. In response, Kaido lops his head clean off.

One Piece Chapter 985- Orochi's Apparent Death
I did NOT see this coming! Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Kaido then declares that Wano is dead. In its place will come New Onigashima, with Yamato as its Shogun. Orochi’s followers are ordered to choose to become pirates or die. Panicking, Luffy rushes to get to the stage and save Momonosuke before it’s too late.


Let’s recap, because a lot happened this chapter:

  • Kanjuro’s facing the Scabbards.
  • Kaido and Big Mom are now in the same location
  • Big Mom’s captured Zeus, along with Nami and Carrot (Sanji will not like that)
  • The Yonko plan to turn Wano into New Onigashima
  • Kaido apparently killed Orochi and told his men to join or die.
Look at the panel on the left to Big Mom’s panel. Nami and Carrot have been captured! Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Did I miss anything? Good, because this was a development I did not expect. Yet I feel like I should have. Orochi may be Shogun, but he’s just a puppet of Kaido’s. Now Kaido simply has no need for him, so he tried to off him. However, I don’t think Orochi would die so easily. I want to see him face justice for his crimes!

Regardless, this New Onigashima Plan’s throwing the conflict for a loop. But this may be a good thing for the Alliance. I can imagine Orochi’s forces will start fighting Kaido and Big Mom’s, and even each other. That will distract them even further. Thus, when the Alliance strikes, they can use the chaos to their advantage.

Bottom line, though, Luffy has to take down Kaido for good. Otherwise, Wano’s a goner. I don’t think the stakes have ever been this high in One Piece, though, and I love it right now!

I Give “The New Onigashima Plan” a 4/5

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  1. I think they’ll join Kaido, honestly. A lot of them were formerly loyal to the Kozuki caln- and defected when Orochi took power. If they were so willing to switch sides like “that,” then who’s to say they won’t join Kaido just to stay alive.
    I don’t know what to make of Orochi’s apparent “death.” Oda could be combining the Yamato No Orochi from Japanese mythology with the Hydra and he’ll gro back more heads. I don’t think Orochi’s done, either.

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