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I Don’t Think Ziggy is Evil

Edens Zero Chapter 102 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 102 Review/Recap

Okay, let’s review what happened at the end of the last chapter. Shiki’s grandpa Ziggy came back to life, only to attack Shiki and the others. Then he claims that he no longer sees organics as worth being friends with. And with the newly arrived Edens One, he plans to conquer the cosmos and have machines rule over all. And I don’t buy it for a second! I don’t think Ziggy is evil, but only time will tell.

Edens Zero Chapter 102 Cover Page


As everyone looks on shocked, Ziggy commands Pino to join him. He’s her creator and master; she serves him. The others still can’t believe that Ziggy has turned into what stands before them. As if to prove a point, though, Ziggy uses his powers to destroy the Granbell Kingdom.

Edens Zero Chapter 102- Ziggy Destroys Granbell

Shiki’s able to save Rebecca, but Pino just stands stock still, unable to defy her programming. Shiki pleads with her to decide what she wants out of her life. Ziggy doesn’t control her, and he never will. Her life belongs to her. Regaining her senses, Pino tearfully says she wants to go with Shiki and be human.

Frustrated, Ziggy then chooses to leave on the Edens One, forcing the others to escape on the Edens Zero as Granbell crumbles around them. Face to face with the Edens One and Captain Connor, Shiki and the others get one more shock. Ziggy introduces them to the his successors to the Shining Stars: the Fours Dark Stars of the Demon King.

Edens Zero Chapter 102- The Four Dark Stars of the Demon King


Look, I’m well aware that Ziggy could be serious about his face-heel turn. He could, in fact, have become as evil as he’s acting. But given everything I know about Mashima’s style of writing, this just seems too far out of character for him. I don’t think he’s actually evil now.

Think about it. Based on everything we’ve seen, Ziggy did care about Shiki and wanted him to grow up strong. Every one of the Shining Stars took his ideals to heart when they parted ways. It just seems too out of character for Ziggy to do this! Unless, he was playing into his role as Demon King. That was his original purpose, after all: to be the last boss of the Granbell Kingdom. The only reason he could be doing this is to test Shiki. To see if he’s strong enough to make it outside the Sakura Cosmos.

Only time will tell if my theory is correct. Either way, though, I think that this will make for a heck of a finale to our time in the Sakura Cosmos.

I Give “Time to Say Goodbye” a 3/5

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