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I Didn’t Know Quintel Liked Jim Carrey

Close Enough Episode 8- The Canine Guy

Close Enough Episode 8 Review

Well, here we are at the apparent end to the first season of Close Enough. I don’t know what’s crazier: the fact that I binged it all, or that I wrote all these reviews in one day? Fortunately, my love for this show has kept me going, and the last episode may be one of the funniest ones Quintel’s done. I had no idea he was such a big fan of Jim Carrey.

Not So Psyched Anymore

Close Enough Episode 8- The Canine Boy

Every year for the last fifteen years, Josh and Alex have gone to Medieval Times to drink ale and spout Jim Carrey quotes. However, this year Alex chooses to bail on it in lieu of meeting a publisher for his sci-fi Viking story. Josh doesn’t take it very well, so he goes alone, gets drunk, and winds up befriending this talking dog in an alley.

I’m not joking about that. Josh does, in fact, find a talking dog in an alleyway. His name’s Tory, but everyone calls him Dogboy. He’s a genetically engineered human-dog hybrid running from his creator. The two end up bonding over Jim Carrey and Josh decides to make him his new best friend. Then Alex ends up befriending him after getting pointers on his book, and things get even weirder. The scientist lady comes and kidnaps Dogboy for her crazy plans, and the two have to reconcile to save him.

Another Friendship Problem

While of this is happening, Emily and Bridgette have their own friendship problem to deal with. Bridgette wants them to write a new song, but Emily’s too focused on Candice to pay attention to her. When she tries taking them to a cabin in the woods, that also fails and tension starts to rise.

Really, the whole episode is about two friendship problems between two pairs of adults. One member wants to connect with their friend like they used to, but gets mad when the other doesn’t want to focus on it. Yet another example of the tribulations of adulthood: drifting away from your friends.

Close Enough Episode 8- The Canine Guy Al Yankovic

As fate would have it, though, both pairs end up getting some great advice from unlikely sources. While Josh and Alex get it from Dogboy, Emily and Bridgette get it from Weird Al Yankovic, guest starring as himself! His advice is that they should both accept their differing views and values, as that’s what will create harmony. That, and to summon a demon song god. Al Yankovic, you’re a national treasure. don’t ever change.

Why Jim Carrey

What I’m puzzled the most about this episode, though, is how it amounts to basically a love letter to Jim Carrey. I get that the guy’s a really great actor, and I think that The Mask is one of his best performances ever. However, why is this episode so fixated on him. Is it supposed to be a jab at his career in the 90s when most Millenials grew up? A nostalgic look at what we loved as a kid?

Ultimately, I don’t think that it detracts from the episode, but seems to enhance it. Especially since it’s Josh and Alex’s re-enacting of that famous “most annoying sound in the world” that saves Dogboy from that crazy scientist.

Speaking of which, her plan was to make dogboy into a movie star to cash in on the demand for more practical effects. Guess people are sick of CGI now.

A Hilarious Finale

While this episode doesn’t reach the same heights as some of the season finales to Regular Show, I still think that it’s a strong finish to the first outing of Close Enough. I loved it, and I think fans of Regular Show will, too.

The one downside to all of this, though? We have to wait who knows how long for more episodes to drop.

Close Enough Episode 8- The Canine Guy Animal Epilogue

I Give “The Canine Guy” a 4/5

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