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So Long Boys! Or Not

Close Enough Episode 6B- Clap Like This

Close Enough Episode 6A/6B Review

You want to know what I decided after watching this episode? It’s that I’m never getting any procedure like what Josh almost went through.

So Long Boys

Close Enough Episode 6A- So Long Boys

Following a pregnancy scare, Josh and Emily freak out over the prospect of having anymore kids. Given that they can barely afford to raise Candice, they want to play it extra safe from that moment on. Which is why Josh decides to get a vasectomy done to eliminate the risk.

On the surface, it looks as though Josh is making the responsible decision for once. Raising kids can be hard at times, and the stress of raising them gets magnified by the financial cost to it. However, there’s no denying that being a parent can be one of the greatest joys in life, as Josh and Emily can’t help but remember all the good memories they have of raising Candice. Which makes them realize that they’re being too hasty and back out of it.

Meanwhile, Alex spends the episode dealing with the previously ignored of notion that he may want kids. Something that gets reinforced by meeting two teens who seem to look and act like him, making him think he’s their dad via donor. I thought that this was a nice sub-plot going on and shows some character development for Alex. It also helps that one of the kids is voiced by Kate Micucci, who I know as Webby from DuckTales!

Close Enough Episode 6A- So Long Boys the "Kids" of Alex

Clap Like This

Close Enough Episode 6B- Clap Like This and Jaws
Nice References

In the second half, it looks like Josh finally got his big break when he sells one of his games to a gaming company. Turns out, though, that the deal fell through. Instead of being upset over his dreaming not coming true (again), Josh’s big concern is Emily and Candice. How will he break the news to them that they’re not gonna be rich? Rather than tell them, the poor guy starts working more jobs than ever to get rid of the crazy debt he has.

In the last episode, we saw how Josh would choose his family over his dreams. Here, though, we see how he’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure their happiness. I can respect his willingness to do that, but dude, it would have been better just to tell them the truth. Part of any successful relationship is honesty, and sooner or later, Emily and Candice would find out the truth.

As for the side-plot, Bridgette finds herself cut off from her parents on her 26th birthday, forcing her to get a job. She hates it, at first, but with her friends help, learns to accept it and mature a little. This would have been an interesting plot device going forward, but after her mom sees how little she’s earning, she gives her back her money. Status Quo is God, I guess.

Love the Cameos and References

Even after all these years, I love how JG Quintel is in touch with pop culture as ever. Clap Like This managed to have David Hasslehoff guest star as himself and a Jaws reference in the same minute! That’s pretty impressive!

Only two episodes remain from the first batch of Close Enough episodes, and I’m already in love with this show. If you’ve got some free time, I’d recommend watching it!

I Give “So Long Boys” a 3/5 and “Clap Like This” a 4/5

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