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Skate Dad=Cool Dad

Close Enough Episode 3B- 100% Stress Free Day and Stripper Clowns

Close Enough Season 1, Episode 3A/3B Review

I don’t have kids yet, but I know what one of the great struggles of being a parent is. It’s the eternal struggle to bond with your kid and look cool to them. However, I do know what it’s like dealing with the stress of adulthood. Fortunately, Close Enough has me covered on both.

Skate Dad

Close Enough Episode 3A- Skate Dad and Josh's failed attempts to bond with Candice

One morning, Josh realizes that Candice’s is not interested in any of the things he liked as a kid. That is, except for skate-boarding. As a result, he’s determined to become Skate Dad, bond, and look cool to Candice. However, his plans get derailed by this local skater called “the Goosh”, that Candice would rather learn from.

I know I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve been taking extensive notes on what makes a good parent. And Josh is trying his best to be a good dad to Candice. He genuinely wants to nurture Candice’s interest in skating as its something they have in common. However, his ego, need for his daughter’s approval, and the memory of how unsupportive his own dad was hold him back. Seeing Josh fail, and then succeed, at bonding with Candice, is hilarious and relatable all at once. It’s also given me some pointers for my future parenting book.

  1. Try and introduce your kids to the things you liked growing up and see if they like them.
  2. If they develop other interests, accept it and support them as much as possible.
Close Enough Episode 3A- Skate Dad RIP Josh's Junk

100% No Stress Day

Close Enough Episode 3B- 100% Stress Free Day and Stripper Clowns

During a routine visit to the Doctor’s, Emily realizes that she’s got way too much stress in her life. Most of which is coming from her family and roommates. So, Bridgette takes out for the day to find what helps her unwind and keep her sane.

Let’s face it: stress is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s from other’s expectations of you, too many bills to pay, or too much work at your job, you’re going to get stressed. And I get stressed a lot, so I know what Emily’s going through. But what I learned is that you need to find something that lets you blow off steam. For me, it’s video games; and for Emily, it’s also video games.

The surreal parts of this episode come from Josh, Candice and Alex’s quest for “earthquake ham”. This leads to them being chased by ham thieves and a pack of stripper clowns that Alex owes money to. And the only way out is to beat them at this VR game Josh made that, honestly, looks like a lot of fun.

Another Quintel Success

J.G. Quintel has always been great at creating good cartoons, but Close Enough may be one of his best creations yet. Granted, it’s only his second show, but he already made himself a rising star with Regular Show. And just like the last episode, this one has a relatable plot and problems, making it even better. I’m so happy I could binge it on HBO Max.

By the way, if you want, head on over to HBO Max to try your hand at Ladder World. It’s fun! Click the link here to get there.

I Give “Skate Dad” and “100% Stress Free Day” a 4/5 each.

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