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King’s Reach

The Owl House Episode 12 (Technically 11)- Sense and Insensitivity King's Reach

The Owl House Episode 12 Review

It’s good to be back in The Owl House, people. Aside from a brief leak of an episode in Turkey back in April, Dana Terrace’s show has been quiet the last few months. Thankfully, it’s back as part of an animation powerhouse with Big City Greens and Amphibia. In our next foray into the Boiling Isles, Luz and King try to make it big as writers. But will fame go to King’s head?

Inkspell and the King’s Reach

There’s a book fair and writing contest going on in Bonesborough, and Luz and King decide to enter together. Their reasons differ, though. Luz wants to fulfill her dream of being a writer (which was her backup dream after being a witch.) King, on the other hand, just wants the fame, influence and fans minions that come with it. At first, the two’s contrasting writing styles create an excellent story. But then King makes his own changes and takes all the credit for the story. Thus, a falling out over creative differences ensues.

As someone whose aspiring to be a writer (be it a blogger, fanfic writer or more), I can relate to Luz’s desire to be a writer. If it weren’t for the books I found in libraries, I’d have died of boredom in public school. Therefore, it’s fitting that I do the same for someone else! And given what we see regarding Luz’s writing skills, I think that she’s got a good chance at being one.

King, though, it’s clear that he doesn’t care about the writing process. He just wants to feed his lust for power. That leads him to make a deal with a bigshot publisher and become the biggest author in the Boiling Isles. And all this happens in just a few days!

It’s sad to King throw away his friendship with Luz so readily, but the two make up by the end of the episode. Being a writer has way of boxing people in, both metaphorically and very literally.

Eda and Lilith’s Excellent Adventure

The Owl House Episode 12 (Technically 11)- Sense and Insensitivity
Don’t mess with the sisters!

Meanwhile, Eda’s growing more worried over how fast her curse is spreading. So when she hears of a flower said to give people eternal youth, she leaves on a quest for it. Unfortunately for her, Lilith’s on the hunt for the same thing for the Emperor. Thus, the two race to get to the flower before the other. At least, that’s how it starts out.

In truth, though, despite being on opposite sides of the law, this little adventure hammers home just how much the two sisters care about each other. It’s filled with playful light-hearted banter and each admitting that they don’t want to see the other get hurt. Eda even admits that she doesn’t want anyone to take out her sister. Aside from her, that is.

So, it turns out that magic flower was just a scam by the vendor so he could drink their life force. Shocker. After beating the moron up off-screen, Lilith offers to help Eda once more in the Emperor’s Coven. Even after all the things they’ve done to each other, Lili’s still trying to reach out. Sibling love at its finest.

I could tell Eda was tempted to, but she declined, saying she wants to do it on her terms. And Lilith seems to respect that decision. Overall, I thought that the exchange was very touching to watch. Like a gender-bent version of Stan and Ford’s relationship.

The Owl House Episode 12 (Technically 11)- Sense and Insensitivity Eda and Lilith
Aw, the do love each other

King’s Reach Falters Once Again

Once again, King’s reach to amass power fail due to his impulsive nature, forcing Luz to bail him out. On the plus side, their friendship seems stronger for it. As for Eda, she’s no closer to finding a cure for her curse, but at least she has her sister looking out for her.

I’m glad that The Owl House has returned after all these months. We need this kind of distraction with the world in the state that it is. And I missed writing about this show.

I Give “Sense and Insensitivity” a 4/5

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