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Youth vs. Adulting on Close Enough

Close Enough Episode 2- Logan's Run'd- Josh and Emily's "Night"

Close Enough Episode 2A/2B Review

I used to think that the transitions from kid to teen and teen to adult were hard. Then I realized that its the transition from our 20s to 30s that’s the real challenge! You know you have to deal with adulting and its ups and downs, but want to stay young. And in the second episode of Close Enough, Emily and Josh deal with that exact problem.

Now more than ever, I’m convinced that youth is a state of mind.

Logan’s Run’d

With Candice away on a sleepover, Josh and Emily have a free night on their hands. So what do they do?

  • Go clubbing all night?
  • All night XXX make out session?
  • Do errands and watch a British baking show?
Close Enough Episode 2- Logan's Run'd- Josh and Emily's "Night"

They (and Alex) freak out when they realize they’re acting old and go with Bridgette to a new club. However, the club in question sends anyone over 30 to the VIP room. As in Very Irrelevant Persons, as in they kill them.

Close Enough Episode 2- Logan's Run'd- The "VIP Room" Where they kill anyone over 30.

From the way Josh and Emily treat their errands like an all-night sex-a-thon to the VIP Room concept, I found this episode to be hilarious. Our generation can’t deny it: we’re getting older. That’s not a bad thing, though: with age comes wisdom and new tastes. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being young is a state of mind.

My high school voted me “young at heart” and I take that to heart. It doesn’t matter how old I get; that isn’t the same as growing up. If I still like the same things I liked as a kid on my deathbed, then I can die happy.

Bottom line, whether you embrace your age or remain young at heart, just do what makes you happy.

Room Parents

In the second segment, Josh gets suckered into becoming Room Parent at Candice’s school, and in charge of their fundraiser. He doesn’t mind it at first, but then this single mom named Nikki offers to help him out with it. Only, she seems less interested in fundraising and more into Josh…

Close Enough Episode 2B- Room Parents: Josh is oblivious to Nikki's advances
Red Flags detected!

I admit, the premise of this episode was pretty funny. It seems obvious to everyone that Nikki’s got it bad for Josh, much to Emily’s fury. However, Josh is too sweet to figure it out, at first. It gets even funnier with the innuendo’s flying over Josh’s head. If this were the whole plot, then it would be fine with me. However, this is J.G. Quintel. That guy loves making regular problems into surreal adventures.

Turns out Nikki’s this thief who steals money from room parents for herself. Then the thing devolves into a chase on a runaway kid’s train. Classic Quintel.

Close Enough Episode 2B- Room Parents and Nikki's true colors

Much Better Episode

The first episode may not have been as strong a start to the show as I’d wanted, but this episode’s a return to form for Quintel. I don’t know what’s funnier, the club that kills old people or the evil room parent scammer. If you ask me, though, “Logan’s” spoke to me. I’m at the age where I’m transitioning from youth to adult, and sometimes, it’s a struggle to stay young. Like I said, though, I’m not worried. I’m going to enjoy the age of millennial domination as long as I can!

I Give “Logan’s” a 4.5/5, and “Room Parents” a 4/5

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