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The Power of Inherited Will

One Piece Chapter 984- Kaido's master plan

One Piece Chapter 984 Review/Recap

Okay, so it seems that the manga’s back on a bi-weekly release schedule. However, given how events are starting to move right now, I’m okay with that. But first, I want to bring up the notion of inherited will. The idea of someone taking up the dreams and ideals of another has been a big part of One Piece since day one. Now, the concept of inherited will may be what helps save Wano. Also, we learn a secret about Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 984 Cover Page


After getting clobbered by Yamato, Ulti and Page One manage to pick themselves back up. It’s too late, though: Yamato’s left with Luffy, who refuses to cooperate. After coming to blows for a bit, Luffy gives Yamato a chance to explain their intentions. Meanwhile, Orochi and Kaido step up in front of the banquet hall and show off their prisoner: Momonosuke Kozuki. They’re going to execute him in front of everyone to end the Kozuki’s for good. However, Kaido also wants to take the moment to make the annoucement about his alliance with Big Mom. In other words, Momonosuke’s death will herald Kaido’s plans for world conquest.

One Piece Chapter 984- Kaido's master plan
I don’t know what Kaido has planned, but I don’t like it.

Unknown to the Beast Pirates, part of the Alliance has already infiltrated the banquet hall. Meanwhile, Law deposits the remaining Red Scabbards by the rear entrance to Onigashima. To their joy, they’re joined by Nekomanushi, Marco, and Izo. This leads to a very happy reunion between Kiku and her brother.

One Piece Chapter 984- The Polar Tang makes it to the back of Onigashima
One Piece Chapter 984- Izo and Kiku Reunite
After all these years, the dancing siblings reunite. And with friends!

Elsewhere, Luffy gives Yamato a chance to explain his actions. To make a long story-short: he saw Oden Kozuki’s execution years ago, and was so moved by it, he vowed to carry on the great Samurai’s will. He even kept Oden’s logbook, calling it his bible. With Luffy now here, he wants to team up, take down his old man, and open Wano to the world.

Oh, and it turns out that Yamato’s actually a girl. She just started calling herself a man because Oden was one. But the big bombshell? Yamato says Luffy reminds them of Ace.


Okay, I will be honest when I say this: I did not expect Yamato to be a girl. Serious question, though: does Yamato dressing as a man and calling themselves one make them transgender? I’m seriously asking, but it doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Why? Because now we know that Yamato’s firmly on Luffy’s side and wants to take their old man down.

One Piece Chapter 984- Yamato, Son (Daughter) of Kaido and the one who's inherited the will of Oden Kozuki
Does this count as an example of “ugly guy, hot daughter?” Or would it be “ugly guy, hot son?”

What surprised me was the fact that Yamato got their hands on Oden’s log book, and that he knew Ace. We knew that Ace came to Wano before he died, so that’s not hard to believe. However, I was sure Orochi would have burned Oden’s log book, so this is a pleasant surprise. It’s like Yamato’s version of the straw hat: a symbol of inherited will.

I’m betting that some members of the Alliance will be suspicious about Yamato, but they’ve all inherited the will of Oden Kozuki and want to see his dream be realized. And if they don’t take Kaido and Orochi down now, Wano’s done for.

We may have to wait two weeks for the next chapter, but something tells me that in the next few chapters, the true war shall begin. And now more than ever, I’m looking forward to what happens.

I Give “My Bible” A 3.8/5

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  1. Hard for me to comment on whether Yamato is considered transgender, but I’d say yes given my limited knowledge. But, this is Oda where’s talking about so I doubt he’s going very deep with this.

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