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Edens One…Hundred, That Is

Edens Zero Chapter 100, Edens One Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 100 Review/Recap

It feels like yesterday that I started this series on Edens Zero. Now here we are, breaking the 100th chapter mark. And with an anime adaptation in the works, Mashima’s latest work is only going to get more popular! In the hundredth chapter, a few major things happen. Firstly, we learn more about the mysterious master of Rebecca’s guild. Secondly, we see what happened to Connor. Lastly, the Edens Zero crew prepares to return to the place where it all started.

Edens Zero Chapter 100, Edens One Cover Page


At the Shooting Starlight Guild, Master Noah thanks Shiki and the others for taking down Drakken Joe. Under normal circumstances, they would all be praised as heroes. However, due to Rebecca’s powers playing a big role in things, Noah wants to keep quiet. He doesn’t want his superiors to learn.

Oh yeah, Noah’s really the Director of the Galactic Intelligence Agency for the Sakura Cosmos.

Edens Zero Chapter 100- Noah's Real Identity

After the others leave, Rebecca talks to Noah about her past and what happened to Connor. Sadly, he doesn’t know anything about either of them. Nor does he know how Cat Leaper could have altered events in the Sun Jewel Arc. Rebecca decides to leave it at that, though, and prepares to head on her journey to find Mother. But not before getting a thank you out of Labilia, though.

Edens Zero Chapter 100- Labilia Says Thank You

Then we find out Labilia pulled this.

Edens Zero Chapter 100- Labilia Trolls Rebecca. Again

As for Jinn and Sylph, they’re staying on the ship until Sister can heal her. So far, Sylph doesn’t seem to mind.

Edens Zero Chapter 100- Sylph Adjusting to Life On Edens Zero

With everything else settled, the group then decides to begin their quest to find Mother. However, first, Shiki wants to return to Granbell one final time. He wants to say goodbye to everyone there, and visit his grandpa’s grave. Elsewhere, on the Edens One, Connor sets out for Planet Granbell, while on the planet, Ziggy’s mechanical body starts to whir with life once more.

Edens One- Connor Captain of Edens One and Ziggy’s return?


Well, the first saga of Edens Zero is firmly over, and the time has come for the heroes to begin their quest to find Mother. That’s what I’d like to say, but now we’ve got a bigger problem. Shiki has no idea that all the robots on Granbell deactivated when their power source died. So him learning about this will break his heart. However, the fact that Ziggy seems to be coming online again may mean that something’s afoot.

Then there’s the fact that we know nothing about Connor or the Edens One. Other than what it looks like, that is.

Edens Zero Chapter 100- the Edens One
It looks like a space fish

What is the Edens One and what is its purpose? I have been trying to figure that out, but I just don’t know enough. Something tells me that the Edens One and Connor have a connection to Ziggy. I guess that we’ll have to wait until the next chapter to find out, though.

As far as the hundredth chapter goes, I think that Mashima could have gone for something a bit more exciting or memorable to celebrate. Maybe that pin-up spread would have been better suited for this chapter. Regardless, I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Plus, I’m giving this chapter some slack since it’s a transition chapter. Those tend to not be as exciting.

I Give “Edens One” a 3/5

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  1. I see you also felt that this chapter was a bit underwhelming for such a milestone. I definitely think we could have had at least a colored cover page or something to make the chapter much more “spectacular.”
    I like to think that Ziggy and Connor met at some point on the quest for Mother. They made some kind of promise, and the time has come for it to be followed through on. Why the Shining Stars don’t remember it- that could be any number of reasons.
    Chapter 101 looks to be exciting, based on the contents of this chapter.

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