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To a New Adventure! But Where’s Connor?

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Good Friends

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Review/Recap

It feels like it was only yesterday that Edens Zero began. Now here we are, on the cusp of a hundred chapters, and an anime in the pipeline. With the fight against Drakken Joe won, the time has come for Demon King Shiki to begin his next adventure. Only one problem remains to be addressed: where the heck is Connor? The answer…will not be found in this chapter!

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Cover Page


Having been defeated in the mother of all finishing moves by Shiki, Joe begins to rapidly age into a decrepit old man. Thus ends his reign over the Sakura Cosmos Criminal underworld. However, Weisz refuses to forget about how Joe killed his mother, and holds the monster at gunpoint. He’s just a trigger pull away from ending him for good. However, Shiki and everyone else tells him not to do it.

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Weisz holds Joe at gunpoint and prepares to kill him for the death of his mother

Despite desperately wanting to do so, Weisz cannot bring himself to end the crime lord’s life. Old Sibir says it’s because he unlike Joe, he understands the value of life. And on that note, the gang reunites to celebrate their victory. As for Shiki, he vows to never make his friends cry like he did the first time around.

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Shiki tearfully promises to never make his friends cry again

With the fight over, the team departs Belial Gore for good. Amira hauls Joe off to prison, while the people of Belial Gore are free to live their lives. As for Weisz, he gets back his mother’s pendant from Old Sibir. Turns out, some punk from their gang stole it. The original Weisz, though, refused to take it back, saying it was a reminder of when he didn’t trust his friend. As for the Weisz we know, though, he happily accepts it. Now, though, it’s a reminder of the great friends he has in life.

Edens Zero Chapter 99 Good Friends

Elsewhere, Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy talk about how they won through the power of teamwork. Everyone pitched in to help; except for Connor. However, when Rebecca mentions Connor, Shiki and Pino have no idea who she’s talking about.



Let’s get this out of the way: this chapter was a great way to wrap up the biggest adventure Edens Zero has had thus far. The saga of Drakken Joe is now over, but I doubt we’ve seen the last of him. After all, knowing Shiki, he’ll still try and be friends with the old man, no matter how bad he was. You precious cinnamon bun Shiki, don’t ever change. Plus, it looks like Labilia, Sylph, and Jinn will be traveling on the Edens Zero for the time being. More friends means more fun to be found!

Speaking of friends, though, I find the lack of memory about Connor to be troubling. My current theory is that Rebecca traveling back in time had a butterfly effect. In this new timeline, they never found Connor adrift, and Rebecca’s the only one who remembers it happening. Not only does this throw a big wrench in how they made it to Sun Jewel, there’s the implication that there are dozens of events that were erased that we don’t know about. How much of the story is accurate, in the end? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Regardless, next week is the 100th chapter of the manga; a big milestone. As such, I hope we celebrate it with a big event that will take us into the next saga of Edens Zero. That, and we learn what happened to Connor.

I Give “The Pendant” A 3.8/5

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  1. The title for chapter 100: “Edens One.” I have the feeling we’re going to see him again soon. As for how they got to Sun Jewel; it was said that it would have taken 3 days to get there from Mildian(where they found out where they had to go) because of an asteroid belt. Connor helped them get there in 1. So it’s likely that they just got there later. And when I went back to those chapters; it seemed like they were waiting for Homura to arrive to rebel against Kureani. So that probably didn’t change at all.

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