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Yamato Appears?!?! An Unexpected Wild Card

One Piece Chapter 983- Yamato Appears

One Piece Chapter 983 Review/Recap

I’m not sure when I said it, but I think I remember saying something about this Yamato person being a potential factor in the war for Wano. As Kaido’s apparent son, Yamato’s likely to be very powerful. However, we still don’t know enough about him to decide whose side he’s on. If that sounds confusing, then you’ll need to see the next chapter of One Piece. Yamato could be a bigger wild card than Luffy in this fight.

One Piece Chapter 983 Cover Page- Dad Reunited with Children


Firstly, it’s revealed that not all of the Big Mom Pirates got pushed out of Wano. Perospero was able to use his Devil Fruit to create a raft to cling to, and is headed for Onigashima. On the island itself, things are starting to get heated. On the island itself, the heroes are getting split up for various reasons:

  • Usopp and Chopper managed to get away from Big Mom, who’s now chasing after Nami, Shinobu, and Carrot to get Zeus back. Sanji went to help the prostitutes.
  • Kin’emon and his group are moving on ahead.
  • Zoro, Killer, and Kid are fighting the Gifters.

But the thing that’s of biggest concern is that Orochi has Momonosuke tied to a crucifix, and he’s going to execute him in front of everyone.

One Piece Chapter 983- Momonosuke Captured

As for Luffy, he’s facing down two of the heavy-hitters in the Beast Pirates, Ulti and Page One of the Flying Six. As expected of their rank, they’re capable of giving Luffy a hard time. Then again, the rubber wonder’s able to hold his own.

One Piece Chapter 983- Luffy Clashes with Ulti of the Flying Six

Before the fight can continue, though, Ulti gets taken out by this guy wearing an Oni mask, much to everyone’s shock. As it turns out, that guy is none other than the son of Kaido, Yamato. Before anyone can capture him, he grabs Luffy and flees while saying that he’s been waiting for Luffy to come.

I’m sorry, what?

One Piece Chapter 983- Yamato Appears


Like I said, Yamato might end up being a wild card in the fight against Kaido and Orochi. We don’t know anything about him yet, but based on what we do know and what he says, I’ve already come up with at least two theories.

Firstly, there may be the possibility that he wants Luffy’s help to take down his father. It sounds crazy, but this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen the child of an evil tyrant want to depose their parents. Yamato may want to do just that. As to whether this is out of the good of his heart or so he can take his place, though. That’s another matter altogether.

Secondly, he could have just wanted to bring Luffy to his dad himself so he can impress him. However, given the fact that Luffy senses no hostile intent from him, that seems unlikely for the moment. Luffy’s got a history of being a great judge of character, so I trust him. Besides, it’s Luffy. He does whatever he wants.

One Piece Chapter 983- Yamato, Son of Kaido

Sadly, we’ll have to wait two weeks until we can learn more about what’s happening. If this is because of COVID-19 or Oda’s on vacation, though, I understand. These are crazy times we live in.

As a whole, this chapter didn’t offer much outside of setting up plot points, but when the anime gets to it, I’m sure it’s going to get improved on.

I Give “Thunder” a 3.5/5

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4 thoughts on “Yamato Appears?!?! An Unexpected Wild Card Leave a comment

  1. Yamato wearing Wano style clothes is interesting. He’s also wearing broken handcuffs and doesn’t seem to have an official rank in Kaido’s organization. Some people on a One Piece forum I visit say he may have read Oden’s journal. At minimum, I think he’s got some kind of long-standing beef with his dad.

  2. I believe the first theory. Maybe something Kaido did to he and his mother, or perhaps he just sees how bad of a guy he is. Or it could be a reason similar to Ace and Roger: he hates his dad because he’ll never be seen as anything more than “Kaido’s Son.” Luffy could see the parallels between Yamato and his brother, and try to help him deal with these “daddy issues.” Actually; that’s quite the fitting theory considering the day this chapter came out.

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