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The Raid on Onigashima Intensifies

One Piece Chapter 982 Luffy Squares off with Two of the Flying Six

One Piece Chapter 982 Review/Recap

Well, it’s official: One Piece is back on a weekly release schedule. It’s a good thing, too, because things are starting to heat up. Last week saw some powerful allies join the Alliance: Nekomamushi and his Minks, and Marco and Izo of the Whitebeard Pirates. However, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Last week saw a few hiccups occur for the Alliance, and that trend continues this week. Am I really, though? No, and I’ll explain why after I recap this chapter. The Battle for Onigashima enters a new stage.

One Piece Chapter 982 Cover Page


In the heart of Onigashima, Orochi and Kaido are drinking to their hearts content. They still think that the Alliance lies scattered and divided. That is, until Kanjuro barges in with a battered and beaten Momonosuke in tow. Kanjuro then immediately tells Orochi everything: the attack on the Alliance failed, and their fleet is already on their way.

One Piece Chapter 982 Orochi Is Terrified
Seeing the look of terror on his face is absolutely cathartic.

Despite the assurances of Black Maria of the Flying Six, Orochi will not be remain calm. He wont’ rest until the Kozuki Clan lies dead at his feet. Thus, he seizes Momonosuke. He will crucify the boy in front of all of Wano and bring an end to the age of the Kozuki Clan himself.

One Piece Chapter 982 Orochi Orders Momonosuke's Execution

While all of this is happening, other events are taking place. Firstly, Marco, Izo, Nekomamushi, and the Minks are headed to Onigashima to reinforce the Alliance.

One Piece Chapter 982 Marco and Nekomamushi Prepare to Join the Fight
Reinforcements are about to arrive.

Secondly, Denjiro manages to subdue another of the Flying Six on the Southern Front. He then splits his forces in two. One half will head to the back of the island; the other will advance on the dome and attack it from above.

One Piece Chapter 982 Clever Denjiro

Back with Kin’emon’s group, Chopper and Usopp lure a very livid Big Mom away from everyone else, giving them the chance to push forward.

One Piece Chapter 982 RUN AWAY FROM BIG MOM!

Unfortunately for Nami, she’s found by Prometheus, who is not happy that she took Zeus with her!

One Piece Chapter 982 The Angry Sun Prometheus

Finally, in the Central Front, two of the Flying Six, Ulti and Page One, get cornered by Luffy himself. The Battle for Onigashima is about to enter a new stage.


Now for an explanation as to why I’m not concerned about the Alliance yet. Ideally, I’d want for Kanjuro to make it to Orochi and Kaido right before the Alliance begins their big attack. That way, they’d have no time to prepare. giving the Alliance a better chance of winning. However, I had a feeling that that wouldn’t happen, in the end. Now that Orochi is aware his plan failed, he’s not going to drop his guard again.

Luckily, Kaido and Orochi aren’t aware that the majority of the Alliance has already infiltrated the island disguised as members of the Beast Pirates. With Luffy’s team creating a ruckus, they’ve got everyone distracted. Meanwhile, Usopp and Chopper can keep Big Mom away from the fight. That tips the odds even more in the Alliance’s favor. And with one of the Flying Six taken out, and another two in Luffy’s sights, that’s half of some of Kaido’s best forces soon to be out of the fight.

Top that off with Denjiro splitting his forces up, and now Kaido will be completely surrounded. No room to maneuver, and no place for them to escape from.

One Piece Chapter 982 the Noose tightens on Kaido's Neck

There are lots of variables left in play, but at the moment, there’s little doubt in my mind: the Alliance has the advantage. They can win this fight!

As far as chapters go, I think that this was one of the more interesting ones, by virtue of how much happened. I’m hoping that Oda can keep this momentum going, as this promises to be one of the biggest fights in One Piece history. KICK KAIDO’S BUTT, LUFFY!!

I Give “Ruffian Vs. Ruffian” a 4.5/5

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