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Edens Zero to Get Anime Adaptation

Yesterday, I talked about an annoucment that Hiro Mashima would be making regarding his latest manga, Edens Zero. While we have to wait for the next issue of Weekly Shonen Manga, this morning gave us this bombshell of a tweet.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this piece of news. I’ve been reading Edens Zero from the beginning, and I knew that it was perfect anime material. Given how successful the adaptation for Fairy Tail was, it would make less sense to not adapt it!

Right now, there’s now word about when it will be released, or the seiyu’s for it. Or if there will be an English Dub, but God I hope so! However, I’m willing to bet that we will be getting more information about it in next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. That, or we learn that Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest is getting an adaptation, as well. Either way, Edens Zero’s popularity is going to go way up once the anime comes out. And you can bet that I’ll be reviewing every episode of it, plus the manga!

The best part to this news, though? When the anime does come out, I can officially add Rebecca to my list of anime waifus

She’s cute, a badass gunslinger, has the equivalent to a YouTube channel, and loves to play video games. So many pros!

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  1. Do you think this will be a “continuous” anime(like “Dragon Ball Super,” “One Piece,” “Black Clover,” “Naruto/Boruto”) and go all year around? Or seasonal(like “My Hero Academia” or “Mob Psycho 100”)? I kind of like the continuous format because it gives me something to look forward to every week. But the season format means it’ll be of better quality.
    I’ll probably review the first handful of episodes until I catch up to where I started talking about the manga(around chapter 6). I can’t wait to see this thing!

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