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Well That Was Unexpected

Edens Zero Chapter 96 Review/Recap

Well, of all the events that I expected to happen in the fight against Drakken Joe, I don’t think that this was one of them. Also, I’m sorry that I didn’t post this sooner, but I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff. So let’s do this thing!

Edens Zero Chapter 96 Cover Page
I bet the button will be a plot device one day.


More than 60 years ago, on Norma, Weisz’s mom passed away when he was young. The doctor’s had no clue what was wrong with her; all they knew that her, and many others, were suddenly dying. As though their life force was being sapped. After she died, he learned how to use Ether Gear from an old machine he bought. And when he thought Sibir stole his Mom’s pendant, the two had a massive falling out, and Sibir kicked him out of their gang.

In the present-day, Weisz tries to take Joe down in a blind rage. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Before Joe can finish him off, though, Shiki steps in to save Weisz, saying that a friend gives help without asking. Finally coming to his senses, Weisz and Shiki stand back to back, ready to take the terror of the Sakura Cosmos down for good.

However, before the fight can continue, Hermit finishes hacking into that life-stealing machine, and reverses the flow of energy from it. As a result, it returns all the life that Joe stole from Belial Gore. However, while it does weaken him, Joe begins to mutate into this giant, Akira blob monster.



Well, I’m officially stumped as to what’s happening to Joe. My current theory is that the loss of all that life force was too much for his body to bear. As a result, he’s lost control of his Ether Gear, and it’s turned him into this hideous abomination. Beyond that, I have no clue as to what’s going with Joe. All that I know is that it can’t be good for anyone.

Edens Zero Chapter 96 Joe Transmutates

Disturbing reference to Akira aside, I think that this chapter did answer the questions we had about Weisz. I mean, I knew that Joe killed someone close to Weisz, but at least now we know who it was. If it wasn’t a family member, it was his girlfriend. Hopefully, next week we’ll see Shiki and Granbell waste the monster formerly known as Drakken Joe.

I Give “A Young Man’s Memories” a 3/5

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