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#LaunchAmerica, Take Two Blasts Off to Success

Why #LaunchAmerica is Important to the USA as a culture

If feels like the year 2020 has been nothing but doom and gloom. We’ve got a global pandemic with COVID-19 that’s ground most of the world to a halt. The Summer Olympics have been postponed to next year. There are murder hornets straight out of hell invading the Pacific Northwest! Last but not least, we have the protests in US cities because of the death of George Floyd because of a man who gives Cops a bad name. In other words, what this year needs is something positive. Yesterday, we got that!

I tuned in on YouTube and on my TV as millions of people watched live as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched at Cape Canaveral, bound for the International Space Station. It’s the first time since 2011 that Americans have launched from our own soil. And if all goes well, it’s the first step to returning to the Moon by the middle of this decade.

Now, some may think “Why should we care when there’s so much awful stuff going on in the world?” The answer’s the same as it was in the 60s with NASA: because this gives us hope.

I could go into a lengthy speech about why it gives us hope, but I’d rather keep this simple. Us landing on the Moon was one of, if not the biggest, achievement in human history. It united us in a way that few things have ever united humanity. And heaven knows that we need that kind of unity now more than ever.

In short, I hope that yesterday is the start of a new age of exploration as we begin to truly set foot in the cosmos.

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