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Harley and Ivy Get Awkward

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 9: Bachelorette Harley and Ivy wake up in bed.

Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 10 Review

So, it may be because I’ve been really busy now that I’m back at work, but I just couldn’t get into this week’s episode of Harley Quinn. Last week, we saw Harley Quinn try to bury her feelings for Ivy by doubling down on being a villain. However, that ended as well as I thought. Steven Universe Future taught me that it’s not healthy to bury your emotions in denial. Just when Harley’s about to confess to Ivy, though, she sees how happy she is Kite Man and can’t go through with it. As a result, this episode sees Harley try to pull the “I want my beloved to be happy” trope and support Ivy. But Star vs. The Forces of Evil also taught me that bottling up your feelings can lead to heartache. And it can also lead to this, apparently!

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 9: Bachelorette Harley and Ivy wake up in bed.

So, to give this context: Harley takes Ivy, Catwoman, Mrs. Freeze, and some girl named Jennifer to Themiscyra for a bachelorette party. Ever since Wonder Woman got trapped in that storybook, they’ve turned into a woman only resort. And Harley’s trying too hard to be supportive of Ivy, only for them to get drunk. And that’s how they end up like this. TWICE.

On the one hand, I’m happy that society’s reached the point when we can openly show same-sex couples in animation. On the other, this just makes the unresolved feelings even worse for Harley and Ivy. Which is sad, because Ivy helped Harley finally rid herself of the Joker and get her life together. They’re best friends, and the bond they have is undeniable. And being in love with your best friend is one of the best things that can happen to a person.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 9- Bachelorette Poor Harley.

Harley does manage to confess to Ivy and says that they could make their own life together: going around the world, helping women who were in the same situation Harley was. But Ivy, sadly, can’t trust her best friend with her heart. She wants, or at least think she wants, the stability that Kite Man provides. So, Harley just got dumped, breaking her heart.

This is especially sad because we’ve seen how much good Harley and Ivy can do together. And I mean genuine good. Turns out, some super villainess called Eris brainwashed the Queen of the Amazons and was going to have her sell it to Lex Luthor and turn it into a tourist trap. However, Harley and Ivy’s girl squad stopped them. It’s a missed opportunity, if you ask me, though. It would be cool to see what Themiscyra would be like if it went commercial.

The King Shark Story

While this is going on, lovable giant King Shark has to reckon with his past when a talking crustacean comes looking for him at Kite Man’s bachelor party. His dad, the Shark God, calls him home so he can get married and stop a war. All I can remember, though, is this song that parodies Disney’s “Under the Sea”, but talking about how ocean dwellers can go to the bathroom wherever they want. Instant turn-off! Remember the South Park episode about this stuff? I hate it!

This B-Plot was a snooze fest for me, though it didn’t have to be. At first, it looks like King Shark stands up to his dad and walks out on the arranged marriage. Then, five minutes later, we find out he caved anyway. He says he’s going to date people, regardless, but I just didn’t like that decision. I don’t think it’s a good idea to listen to your parents when they make selfish decisions like this.

So, yeah, I didn’t like this episode that much. The season has four episodes left, so I hope it can find its footing. Otherwise, I may stop watching come Season three.

I Give “Bachelorette” a 2/5

Stray Observations

  • So, so much for Mrs. Freeze becoming a villain to get revenge on Harley. Instead, she finds a new boyfriend. Another wasted opportunity. But it’s still funny.

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