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#LaunchAmerica Delayed, Very Sad

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had one dream that will refuse to die, no matter how impossible it may be. And that dream is being able to go to space one day. However, I couldn’t find the drive to learn the science, and I had no patience for math. As a result, it looked my dream wouldn’t come true.

So, when private companies started forming to send people to space, I thought that this could eventually lead to my dream coming true. That’s why today’s launch of SpaceX’s first manned mission meant so much to me.

I hurried home from work just so I could watch the historic #LaunchAmerica moment live. Only to be crushed when they scrubbed the flight 16 minutes before launch! SO CLOSE!

It’s been nine years since a spaceship launched from American soil. NASA and private businesses want to return to the Moon with this decade. Which is why this launch has to be perfect. I’m disappointed, but I don’t want an unnecessary tragedy to occur. So you can bet I’ll be watching again this Saturday.

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