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Drakken Joe’s Scarier in Overdrive

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Drakken Joe's Overdrive

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Review/Recap

So, remember back in chapter 81 when we saw Drakken Joe show off what Ether Gear Overdrive is? That was already scary as it was. However, Mashima manages to take that and make Overdrive even more terrifying! Even Shiki’s going to need some help beating the Crime Lord. And as events in this chapter show, Weisz may end up being what helps them to win.

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Cover Page


Just when it looks like the heroes (and Amira) will have to fight Jinn, Amira manages to talk him down. Revealing his real name’s Kris Rutherford, she tells everyone the true purpose of the machine standing before them. Joe’s life support is like a mechanical vampire. It drains the life force of everyone around it. Joe then uses that to cheat death. The crime lord’s been doing that on Norma, Guilst, and now Belial Goer. Even the Element 4’s being drained; eventually, the weakest die.

This revelation sends Weisz into a blind rage…

And makes Jinn turn on Joe to protect his sister. With the promise that the real Sister will save Kleene.

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Jinn Turns on Drakken Joe to Protect his Sister

Elsewhere, Shiki refuses to let Drakken Joe win, no matter what, and his Ether begins to edge closer to Overdrive. Realizing that Shiki’s a threat, Joe decides to end the fight with his own Overdrive.

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Shiki Begins to Near Overdrive

Like the first time, Joe’s Overdrive begins to turn Shiki to stone. Unlike the first time, though, Weisz shows up as Arsenal, furiously saying that Joe killed the person that meant more than anything to him.


First off, I don’t like Jinn’s real name of Kris Rutherford. It just doesn’t sound as cool as ‘Jinn’ does. Thus, I’m going to keep call him Jinn until further notice. Secondly, this chapter just hammers home how much of a monster Drakken Joe is. He’s a parasite, leeching the life out of countless people to keep himself alive. I wholeheartedly share Jinn’s level of disgust at the monster, and can’t wait for him to get what he deserves.

Then, there’s the matter of Weisz. I can’t recall him ever being so mad before, so seeing him like that was a shock. Given his reaction to the machine, though, and what he flat out says at the end of the chapter, we know why. That machine took someone very important to Weisz away from him. As a result, he’s hellbent on taking Joe down. In past shonen manga, I’ve seen heroes get a massive power-up thanks to their anger, but it’s a double-edged sword. If Weisz can’t focus himself enough, he’s going to be a hindrance for Shiki.

Edens Zero Chapter 95 Weisz's Wrath

The next chapter will likely shed some more light on Weisz’s past, and I honestly can’t wait. I want to know what Joe did to him. Who knows, maybe this will push Shiki and Weisz into achieving Overdrive.

I Give “Kris Rutherford” a 4/5

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  1. Weisz might end up in a similar state to Shiki’s previous uses of Overdrive. And Shiki will end up more like Drakken. That much I’m certain of.
    Did you catch the reference with the next chapter’s title? SPOILER ALERT: It’s called “The Boy’s Memory.”
    As far as Jinn’s real name is concerned; I’m a bit surprised at this myself. If you look into the name “Jinn;” you think that it would be obvious that it was a code name. But the name “Kris Rutherford.” I don’t think it’s the “Kris” part I have a problem with; more the last name. It’s so……..”out of left field.”

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