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The Party Gets Started Early

One Piece Chapter 980 Luffy and Zoro Begin a Rampage after seeing the Beast Pirates gluttony while Wano starves.

One Piece Chapter 980 Review/Recap

So, it looks like the final battle for the fate of Wano’s going to be a slow burn. Moreso than usual as Oda’s quarantining himself from COVID-19. It’s a shame, because I’m looking forward to seeing the Beast Pirates get what’s coming to them. However, this week’s chapter manages to give us a small appetizer as the party gets started. And all because Luffy wants some payback for the starving people of Wano.


One Piece Chapter 980 Cover Page


One Piece Chapter 980 Luffy and Zoro Begin a Rampage after seeing the Beast Pirates gluttony while Wano starves.
Couldn’t even wait five mintues for the party to start, could they?

So, Luffy sees how the Beast Pirates are wasting food while the people of Wano starve in the streets. Remember poor Tama, he gets understandably pissed off. As a result, he does what Luffy does when he’s mad: he goes on a rampage. Then Zoro comes in, and remembering Tama as well, gets equally mad. The Captain and First Mate of the Straw Hat’s go on a rampage and try to fight their way out of the dining hall.

One Piece Chapter 980 Apoo Blasts Luffy and Zoro with his Devil Fruit Powers

Meanwhile, Queen and Scratchman Apoo realize that the reports of Luffy being in Udon were false, and realize how bad the situation is. Apoo uses his music powers to hammer into them, forcing the duo to retreat. Queen sics all the men he has with him to go after them. To sweeten the deal, he gives anyone who takes them down the chance to join the Flying Six. Luffy and Zoro wind up boxed in before they can escape. Before Apoo can hit them again, Kid shows up, wanting payback for selling his crew out to Kaido.


All right, I think we all knew that the Straw Hats were never going to follow the plan through. Or to be more precise, Luffy would do something crazy and the Straw Hats would get the party started. The good news is that they’re at full strength right and can fight together. The bad news is that they’re in a place that’s crawling with SMILE Users and heavy-hitters. They have to be smart about who they fight.

Among the members of the Alliance at Onigashima, the only ones capable of remotely beating Kaido are Luffy, and maybe Zoro. They can’t afford to get caught in too many fights, or they’ll lose to Kaido. In addition, we know little about Scratchman Apoo’s Devil Fruit Powers, beyond that they involve musical instruments. That’s something they can’t afford.

However, I’m not too worried about things. Kid’s already charged in to take out Apoo as revenge for betraying him. Kid stands the best chance to take Apoo out, and that will reduce the enemy’s strength.

Long story short, these opening blows to the battle are going to be crucial in the long-term. If the Alliance can take out Queen and Apoo here, the enemy loses two heavy-hitters and keeps the element of surprise for a while longer. It will be worth the two week wait, if you ask me.

I Give “Fighting Music” a 3.8/5

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  1. I hope Oda’s okay. I’d rather he be safe and continue the story slower than risk catching this virus.
    Something I might have a slight problem with is that Luffy didn’t see- or more accurately; sense- Apoo’s attacks coming. HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE: how is he getting hit?! And it’s not like he was trying to tank it like he did with Big Mom; he could have avoided it.
    Kid………You just keep being you, Kid!

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