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Harley Spends Episode of Her Show in Denial

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8- Inner (Para) Demons Harley Quinn leads an army of Para Demons

Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 8 Review

So, the last episode of Harley Quinn ended with Harley and Ivy escaping Bane’s Pit. And then they kissed. THEY. KISSED. We knew it was coming, but to happen so suddenly is as crazy as Quinn is. The last time I got the same reaction to a kiss was the infamous “Booth Buddies” episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Unlike that show, though, this episode actually addresses the effects of the kiss. Or rather, Harley denies there being any effects all episode, with terrible results.

See, Ivy chalks it up to adrenaline from the fact that they’re still alive. That’s what she seems to think, at least. She spends the entire episode working on her relationship with Kite Man and meeting his parents, who not only have powers, but see their son as a disappointment for his lack of them. I’ve seen this before in fiction: parents who see their kid as a disappointment get elated because they’re marrying someone who’s rich or powerful. Ivy never had a good relationship with her folks, so like the audience, we’re disgusted with Kite Man’s folks. Which makes it all the more satisfying to see her tell them to “f**k off”. Which, in turn, inspires Kite Man to stand up to them. Just goes to show the effects of the right partner can have on a person.

The little guy’s having the time of his life

Harley Quinn Denies Her Way to Apokolips

Meanwhile, Harley’s trying to convince everyone, but most of all her herself, that her kissing Ivy didn’t mean anything when it clearly does! As a result, she doubles down on her “Harley-isms” and tries to up the chaos with the Injustice League gone. You think a genius psychologist would recognize she’s exhibiting denial, but she doesn’t. In fact, her solution is far more destructive, both figuratively and metaphorically.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8- Inner (Para) Demons Gordon talks to the President

What does Quinn do? She goes to Apokolips and gets Darkseid (played by the big guy himself, Michael Ironside) to give her an army to take over Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon talks the President into letting Gotham rejoin the US if he captures Quinn. When the two armies meet, it’s a disaster.

In the end, Ivy manages to make Harley realize that she’s lying to herself and gets her to call it off. Just when Harley’s about to tell her how she feels, she realizes that she doesn’t want to ruin Ivy’s chances with Kiteman and backs down.

I understand the notion of wanting your beloved to be happy, but if Steven Universe Future taught me one thing, it’s this. You can’t just bottle up your feelings; it’s not healthy!

The season has four episodes left and a lot to settle in that time: Gotham’s still in chaos, Harley’s the last big villain standing, Gordon’s after her, and Dr. Psycho just quit the Crew. Clearly, it’s anyone game, and I don’t know what will happen. I will, however, find it amazing.

I Give “Inner (Para) Demons” a 4/5

Stray Obsevations

  • Look at the FBI’s file on Harley Quinn, and it’s filled with references to episodes from Batman: The Animated Series
Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8- Inner (Para) Demons Harley Quinn's File with References to B:TAS
If you look at the file, you’ll see references to the titles of different episodes from “Batman: the Animated Series.” Nice!
  • Welcome back to being Darkseid, Michael Ironside!
Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8- Inner (Para) Demons Darkseid voiced by the man himself, Michael Ironside
They got Michael Ironside to play Darkseid again!!

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  1. I saw Psycho leaving the Crew coming in the episode where he matched wits with Riddler. I could kind of see it building to him setting out on his own trying to be a villain all on his own again. But, like with last episode; I thought this would come much later. Maybe end of the season.
    As for what he’ll be doing going forward; I’m not entirely sure. But I’m fairly certain he’s the strongest character on the crew. And now that he’s GONE……..

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