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Shiki vs Drakken Joe

Edens Zero Chapter 94 Shiki vs. Drakken Joe

Edens Zero Chapter 94 Review/Recap

Well, it’s all come down to this, people. The fight between Demon King Shiki and the Undead Crime Lord Drakken Joe. We all know Shiki will win this time. It’s how Shonen manga works, after all. What matters is how it does it, though. Let Shiki vs Drakken Joe begin at last!

Edens Zero Chapter 94 Cover Page


Even though the others want to follow Shiki, Amira insists on letting Shiki fight Drakken Joe. They need to destroy the device that’s keeping Joe alive. Down below, the battle of Shiki vs Drakken Joe begins in earnest. Right away, Shiki pulls out all the stops, unleashing every trick his Gravity Gear can come up with. Despite showcasing an impressive level of skill, though, Drakken Joe’s own Gear matches it blow for blow. Joe can alter the properties of anything he touches, and he uses it to keep Shiki from gaining a foothold. Then, to go one step further, he creates a wall of thunder that electrocutes him and sends him falling to the ground. All the while, Joe says he’s going to send him falling straight into hell.

Edens Zero Chapter 94 Shiki Zapped

Elsewhere, Homura tells Labilia to get to the Edens Zero while she goes to help her friends. As for Sylph, she’s terrified that Joe will absorb her now. In Joe’s HQ, the others find the life support device at last. Before they can even touch it, though, they’re met by a familiar face: Jinn. Remembering what happened before and how Jinn is Sylph’s sister, they try to reason with him. However, he’s not in an mood to listen, even beating up Mosco out of disgust for the imposter. Weisz, though, wants to get the guy to listen to them like they planned.


Sorry it took me longer than normal to get this up. I’ve just been busy with a little project that I’m working on. However, I plan to keep doing these posts for Edens Zero as long as my blog remains online. Especially now that I know we’re seeing the Shiki vs. Drakken Joe fight at last.

While I did enjoy the fight scenes when they were being shown, I don’t think the chapter spent enough time focused on it. It was seen for less than half the pages! The rest was focusing on the others. I know why Mashima does this: because the others have a role to play. That said, I’ve been waiting for this clash since the end of the Guilst Arc. Ergo, I want to see more focus on said fight.

The other big takeaway from this chapter is Jinn is now on the field. And he’s got a new outfit.

Edens Zero Chapter 94 New and Improved Jinn

To be honest, I can’t remember what the group’s plan was in case they saw Jinn. All I recall is that they should try and talk him down and say they can help his sister. Now that he’s present, though, I’m not sure if they can actually do that. At least, not as long as he thinks Joe can help his sister (which may be what’s happening.)

Hopefully, the next chapter will see some more developments regarding Jinn and Shiki vs Drakken Joe. I can’t wait.

I Give “Shiki vs Drakken” a 3/5

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