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Return to the Execution Site!

Edens Zero Chapter 93 Review/Recap

We all remember what happened the first time that Shiki tried to stand up to Drakken Joe. We saw him get brutally murdered by the crime lord, traumatizing poor Rebecca and leaving her with PTSD. Even with the reset button Mashima gave the manga, the fact remains that Shiki’s outmatched against Joe. However, this is a Shonen manga. In Shonen manga, when the hero faces a villain stronger than them, they have to get stronger. In other words, unless we want a repeat of the execution site, Shiki has to get tougher.

Edens Zero Chapter 93 Cover Page


Edens Zero Chapter 93 Amira Reveals Herself

Having decided to help out Shiki’s group, “Labilia” reveals herself to be Amira. AKA that shapeshifter the group met back in Digitalis who pretended to be Homura. As it turns out, Labilia was captured by Drakken Joe, but Amira freed her and told her to hide in the club that Homura’s at. Then she took her place to learn Joe’s weakness. Now that she knows it, though, she wants to help Shiki. Depsite all evidence saying otherwise, Shiki agrees.

Before they can get anything done, though, Joe shows up, triggering Rebecca’s PTSD. Joe immediately tries to take Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, but Shiki uses his Gravity power to send everyone else away from Joe. Despite knowing full well what happened in the original timeline, Shiki intends to protect Rebecca. As the battle between the Zombie and the Demon King begins, the two arrive at the execution site. The spot where Joe killed Shiki the first time. However, Shiki vows that he won’t let anyone make Rebecca cry in this timeline.


So the Belial Goer now reaches its climax. How appropriate that it occurs in the execution site where we first saw Shiki die and things fall apart. This time, though, I think that things are going to go differently.

Do I think that Shiki has a chance to win? Not in his current state, no. But if the Shonen genre has taught me anything, it’s this: when the hero fights a villain stronger than they are, then they get a power-up that helps them win. It happened all the time with Goku in Dragon Ball. It’s got to happen for Shiki.

What concerns me the most, though, is Amira. She tried to kill the people in Digitalis and was going to leave Homura to take the rap. So, yeah, I don’t trust her. In fact, I suspect she’ll abandon the others first chance she gets. However, there’s no denying that they could use her help.

Next issue, the fight between Joe Shiki and Joe begins at last. Kick his butt, Shiki!

I Give “The Execution Site” a 4/5. Good twist.

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  1. Do you think it was Amira or Labila in World 29? As for how I think the fight will go: Shiki will achieve the full capacity of Overdrive. Like Drakken said; “Overdrive occurs when one pushes their Ether to the point where it changes.” Shiki’s going to push himself to the limit, and achieve Overdrive.

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