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Infiltration Mission: Start!

One Piece Chapter 979 Review/Recap

Okay, I just wanted to get this off my chest first. It appears that One Piece will be on a bi-weekly release schedule for the time being. According to my friend, Emperor Carnage, this is because Oda is quarantining himself due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Japan is starting to feel the heat from the virus, so that’s understandable. The last thing I’d want is to see our favorite mangaka to die because of this pandemic! That said, this chapter does a good job of setting us up for some more interesting events in the future.


One Piece Chapter 979 Orochi Relaxes
I can’t wait to see him freak out.

For the first time in years, Orochi has let his guard down. Thanks to Kanjuro, he thinks that he’s got the Alliance isolated and weak and is drinking himself silly. However, the raid on Onigashima’s already underway. As the Straw Hats and Kid Pirates act as the vanguard, Denjiro and Kin’emon take the southern and eastern flanks. Law’s taking the rest to the back entrance. As for Kanjuro, he’s lost on the island and has yet to find Orochi. Luffy goes on to meet up with Kid while his crew catches up, much to their dismay.

Meanwhile, King brings the Flying Six to Kaido and gives them an important mission. He wants them to find his Kaido’s son, Yamato, and bring him back in time for a big announcement the Yonkou’s making. If they do, they win the right to challenge one of the All-Stars for their title.

One Piece Chapter 979- the Tobi Roppo meet Kaido

As for Luffy, he’s gotten inside the main banquet hall where the Beast Pirates are partying themselves stupid right now. However, he gets distracted by how the Beast Pirates toss the excess food on the floor and joke about giving it to the people to Leftover Town. The sight of how overjoyed Tama was to have a different kind of food for her birthday infuriates Luffy and makes him look like he’s about to go on a rampage.


Once again, we have to wait a little longer for all the action that’s going to come in the war for Wano. However, I think that this chapter did a good job of setting up the battle as well as throw in some potential wild cards. Firstly, Momonosuke seems to already be coming up with a plan to free himself. If he can do that, he could help mess with the enemy or keep Kanjuro from warning Orochi.

Then there’s the matter of Yamato, Kaido’s son. Oda wouldn’t drop the name of a new character like that unless they were going to be important to the plot. I was right about Hiyori, remember? Plus, something tells me that Yamato’s already trailing the Straw Hats. On one page, you can see someone tailing Robin and Jinbei from the shadows. Could it be Yamato, by any chance.

As for Luffy, while it’s likely he’ll start beating the tar out of the Beast Pirates in the next few chapters, that can work to the Alliance’s advantage. Remember, he’s disguised as a Beast Pirate, so if he starts rumbling, it can be blamed on the Pirates being drunk and having petty arguments. Even if they figure out who he is, they’ll start turning on each other since they don’t know who’s who.

One Piece Chapter 979- Luffy about to Lose It

Overall, I think this chapter’s pretty good. Not the best, but it’s setting us up for some exciting stuff later on. It’ll be worth the wait for the next chapter.

I Give “Family Problem” a 4/5

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