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Rick and Morty Take Meta to a New Level

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 "Never Ricking Morty

Rick and Morty Season 4, Episode 6 Review- Never Ricking Morty

Against my better judgment (I’m trying to adopt a normal sleep schedule), I stayed up to watch the midseason premiere of Rick and Morty. As a result, I watched an episode that I can only describe as meta fourth-wall breaking high on pot. And the ending was enough to make what happened in Lost look sane.

A Literal Engine of Story-Telling

This episode the kind that has to be seen to be vaguely understood, but here’s the rundown. Rick and Morty are trapped on train that serves as a metaphysical manifestation of a storytelling formula. Then they have to fight this Story Lord who wants to use their limitless storytelling potential for marketing. They get by doing something they’d never do in a story (pray to God). Then the ending reveals they’re just toys on a train set created by the Citadel of Ricks. A Story-Train with sentient toys to give people infinite story potential.

Look, I had to think hard about the Snake Story back in December, but here I have to do the opposite. Instead of thinking too hard when I know I won’t understand it, I just went “screw it, let’s just enjoy the thing.” It’s nonsensical and so meta that I knew I could not properly articulate what I was thinking about it.

You know what, though? I didn’t care. This world is messed up right now, so we need a way to keep our spirits up. I can’t think of any show better at doing that than Rick and Morty.

Also, they did a Wendy’s commercial that I legitmately thought was the start of the episode

I Give “Never Ricking Morty” a 3/5

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