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DC Just Ripped on Toxic Fans


Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 5 Review

You know, for a show that takes place in Gotham City and has to do with some of Batman’s biggest enemies, Harley Quinn doesn’t really use Batman a lot. He’s more of an ever present force of good than a main character, with the focus being on the villains. However, that gets upended when Harley and Ivy do not appear in this week’s episode. Instead, it focuses on Batman trying to get back in fighting shape.

After being stuck in a coma for months, Bruce Wayne wants to get back to being the Bat. This time, though, it feels less like he’s doing it to be heroic and more because of his ego. He doesn’t want admit that he’s in no shape to fight, and going out now will provide false hope to Gotham. In true Harley Quinn fashion, we see the hilarious results of said false hope, as civilians start standing up to villains, with terrible results.

Ultimately, Batman gets a beatdown from Bane and accepts the fact that he has to focus on healing. In the meantime, Alfred and Batgirl look after the city.

Enough about that, though. Let’s talk about the real highlight of the episode: DC ripping on toxic fandom

Take That, Toxic Fans

The episode starts and ends with two pop culture fans hanging out in the basement and debating on how Harley Quinn is good.

Every fandom is going to have its fair share of toxic fans; it’s a fact of life. Lately, though, it seems like this small, vocal minority is getting a lot more attention than the entire fanbase and dragging everyone down. I especially like the jabs the show takes at two fandoms with notably toxic fans: Star Wars and DC themselves. Apparently, people think there’s a Zach Snyder cut of Justice League and want it to come out. As for The Last Jedi guy, the shirt is self-explanatory. So many people had problems with that movie and complained about it. As a result, they changed the ending to The Rise of Skywalker, which was just as bad. I didn’t like The Last Jedi, but you don’t see me complaining about it or acting like it ruins the whole franchise!

I honestly thought the fanboys scenes were the best parts of an episode that I’m probably not going to remember. However, I’m curious how Warner Bros was able to make references to Family Guy and Star Wars. They’re owned by Disney; how can they do that?

I Give “Batman’s Back, Man” a 3.5/5. Bonus points for ripping on their own streaming service.

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