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The New Sword Of Edens

Edens Zero Chapter 92 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 92 Review/Recap

Shonen Jump may be off until May 10th, but at least we still got Kodansha Comics. The new chapter of Edens Zero brings us closer to the climax of the Belial Goer Arc. What’s more, it shows how far Homura has come as she earns her title as the new Sword of Edens. I’m so proud of her!

Edens Zero Chapter 92 Cover Page


Sylph freaks out when she can’t beat Homura and starts saying that Joe will absorb her. However, the hair clip she wears activates and suppresses her emotions. The Element 4 member then goes back on the offensive and begins to force Homura into a corner. Homura counters with her own wind, which manages to overwhelm Sylph. Emerging victorious, Homura declares herself to be Homura Valkyrie, the Sword of Edens. Meanwhile, Witch takes down Laguna, bringing down the Element 4.

Edens Zero Chapter 92 Edens Zero defeats the Element 4

Elsewhere, Drakken Joe emerges from a healing tank, barely able to keep his body from withering away. Realizing that the Element 4 were beaten, Joe comes to a realization. The fact that the Element 4 and his boarding team were beaten means one thing: Cat Leaper has awakened. Meanwhile, Rebecca concludes the best way to beat Joe is to destroy his life support systems. Then Labilia starts laughing at the idea. Only it’s not Labilia: she’s some sort of girl with a spiral face.

Just see for yourself.


Edens Zero Chapter 92 The Labilia Imposter

Well, thanks to the Sword of Edens, Joe’s lost his elite troops and he doesn’t seem to have long for this world. In other words, he’s being backed into a corner. However, now Joe is well aware that Rebecca’s activated Cat Leaper, which will make him desperate. And when people are desperate, they do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Also, let’s talk about “Labilia”. If I’m right, then this imposter is really that woman from the G.I.A., Amira. I remember that she was trying to take down Joe, and impersonated Homura to do so. If it is her, I don’t trust her, at all. Her presecene also raises a lot of questions. Was she really Lablilia in the previous timeline or was that the real Labilia? Where’s the real Labilia? This throws everything for a loop!

Well, it looks like the Belial Goer Arc is headed into its endgame. Hopefully, the end will be as great as the build up. Also, Sword of Edens is what I’m nicknaming Homura from now on.

I Give “Sword of Edens” A 3/5

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  1. It’s definitely Amira; I’m certain of that-at least; I THINK is is. But I don’t necessarily think that was the case in World 29. Maybe Rebecca’s little time travel stunt altered more than just the invasion of the Belial Goer.
    I also don’t trust her-but I at least trust that she wants to defeat Drakken as much as the crew does(if only for the sake of it being her job). I don’t exactly know what she can do in terms of combat, but I at least expect her to assist towards the end of the battle. Maybe a sniper just to annoy him?

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