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The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements"

The Owl House Episode 11 Review

I actually debated on whether or not I should review this episode now or wit for it to premiere in the West. However, I realized that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth and enjoy that we got a new episode of The Owl House. An episode that sees Luz take the next step in her magic training in a good old fashioned magic boot camp.

Magic Camp for Dummies

The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements"

Luz is excited to be enrolling in Hexside soon, as she’ll get to study alongside Gus, Willow, and Amity. That is, until she learns she needs to know at least two spells to be in their grade. Otherwise, she’s in the baby course! So, after prodding Eda, master and student go to the snow-capped knee of the Isles to train in nature.

You would think that after everything they’ve gone through, the two would have a better mentor-student dynamic. However, I was frustrated to see Luz failing to learn the same lesson: to be patient and trust in Eda’s teachings. However, she doesn’t want to look bad in front of Amity and her siblings, who are also training to make up for the “Library Incident.” This leads to Luz trying to use Amity’s training wand to take shortcuts, which leads to trouble. In this case, she angers a monster that grabs Eda and Amity’s siblings.

A New Kind of Magic

The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements" New Magic Spell

So, Luz screwed up again, but this ends up leading to a breakthrough in her magic training. She discovers that magic comes from the Boiling Isles itself, and that it flows through the very elements. Using the snow, she’s able to discover the glyph for ice and uses it to help Amity save everyone.

This answers a lingering question from when Luz first learned light magic: the glyph she saw. The Boiling Isles residents cast the glyphs to use magic, but in truth, they occur naturally in nature. In other words, for every element, there could be a magic glyph for it. That means that Luz could, in theory, learn spells for every element on the Boiling Isles. If she could learn how to combine together, she could create even stronger spells! It’s like Fullmetal Alchemist all over again!

King’s Boot Camp

The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements" Hooty the Soldier

The side story was also very hilarious, in my opinion. King gets jealous that he get help with the training, so he uses a potion to bring his stuffed animals to life. But then they go all Small Soldiers on him and run amok. We then seeing him bribe Hooty into helping him get rid of the toy army in an off-screen, but apparently vicious, battle.

I don’t know what it was about this that I found hilarious. Maybe it was the fact that it was like an evil version of Toy Story. Or seeing Hooty tear through the stuffed animals off-screen and having stuffing fly everywhere that give it a dark comedy. Maybe it’s the fact that they play Hooty’s PTSD for laughs. Either way, Alex Hirsch did a great job with this side plot.

What Next

With the way the world is now, there’s no telling when new episodes of the show may return. However, the fact that this aired over in Turkey almost two week ago gives me hope that we won’t have to wait long. Hopefully, Disney can air them from remote locations when the time comes.

As for me, this episode got me excited for the rest of the season, as it’s clear that The Owl House has a lot more mysteries left to be solved. Who knows how far Luz can take magic with the right training? I hope we find out, as this is one of the best shows Disney has made in a while!

I Give “Adventure in the Elements” a 4/5

Stray Observation

  • Amity and Luz now seem to be at least on good terms.
  • King has a mouth! It’s confirmed
The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements" King's mouth

King’s Kute Moment

The Owl House Episode 11 "Adventure in the Elements" King's Tantrum

Favorite Quote

  • I will be haunted by my actions forever. Hoot hoot!

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