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Onigashima at Last

One Piece Chapter 978 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 978 Review/Recap

Bad news, guys. It looks like Shonen Jump will be releasing bi-weekly for the time being. I’m betting the COVID-19 Pandemic’s to blame. But that’s not going to stop me from reviewing new chapters of One Piece. After all, this week finally sees the Alliance come ashore at Onigashima. The war for Wano is about to begin!

One Piece Chapter 978 Cover Page


With their new plan in place, the Alliance army splits up as they make their way into Onigashima. As luck would have it, all the guards are drunk, so Usopp knocks them out with ease. Once everyone’s landed, the Samurai sink their boats as a symbol of resolve. They’ll either win this fight or die. Since they’re still outnumbered four to one, though, Kin’emon uses his Devil Fruit to disguise everyone as Beast Pirates.

Inside Kaido’s Castle, the Beast and Big Mom Pirates and the Kurozumi’s are partying it up. Except for the top six Headliners, the Tobi Roppo: Ulti, Page One, Who’s Who, Black Maria, X Drake, and Sasaki. They’ve been summoned for something important by Kaido himself.


Continuing where I left off in the last review, I’ve looked at the Battle for Onigashima as it happens. This way, I can predict how the fight will turn out. First thing that I noted is that there’s no sign of Kanjuro. Either he hasn’t made it to Onigashima yet, or Kaido hasn’t been able to raise the alarm. The important thing, though, is that most of the enemy is either partying right now or drunk and easy to take out.

In addition, I think that Kin’emon using his Devil Fruit to disguise everyone as the enemy is tactically brilliant. They may be outnumbered four to one, but they can use this to cause chaos in the enemy. They won’t be able to tell friend from foe and will turn on each other, making the fight easier.

The real problem now, though, is the Tobi Roppo. If they’re taking part in the party on Onigashima, then they’ll be on alert. My guess is that Kaido is taking precautions and knows the Alliance is still coming. That could be a potential problem.

As far as chapters go, this isn’t the most exciting one that One Piece has done. However, Oda likes to play the long-term game in his manga. Which, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, may be longer than we want. I can wait, though. Getting mad over something beyond anyone’s control is pointless.

I Give “Introducing the Tobi Roppo” a 3.6/5

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  1. I believe it’s on break this time because of Golden Week. But it does suck that this stupid pandemic has the magazine bi-weekly.
    Do you think Kanjuro DID alert Kaido, and he made sure not to cause a panic-or maybe just kept drinking but was sober enough to alert the Tobi Roppo?

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