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Daisy Duck Shines in New DuckTales!

Daisy and Donald Duck in "Louie's Eleven!" DuckTales! Season 3, Episode 5

Ducktales! Season 3, Episode 5 Review

When it comes to shows like DuckTales, it can be hard to pick a favorite character. There’s just so much great talent behind the show and the characters, ranging from Ben Schwartz as Dewey to David “The Tenth Doctor” Tennant as Scrooge himself. After today, though, I think one of my new favorites has to be Daisy Duck in her premiere on DuckTales! 

Louie’s Latest Scheme and Meeting Daisy Duck

Donald and the Three Cabarellos team up with Louie to get into this party held by famed blogger Ms. Glamora. She writes this blog that decides what’s “IT” every year, and the Cabarellos think it’s their ticket to fame (and Louie gets a cut of the profits. I didn’t know what’s more surprising: how well thought out Louie’s scheme is, or that his family goes along with it. He doesn’t have the best track record with schemes.

I wasn’t really paying attention to watching Louie’s scheme fall apart due to Ms. Glamora’s genre savviness, though. I was paying attention to Daisy Duck, voiced by the legend herself, Tress Macneille. As Daisy’s VA for twenty years, it wouldn’t be Daisy Duck without her. She’s witty, intelligent, and doesn’t deal with anyone’s nonsense. And once she and Donald meet, we can see sparks fly.

At first, Daisy is annoyed by Donald messing with her chance with Ms. Glamora, but once the two start talking, they hit it off. She can even understand what Donald’s saying just fine. Donald, if you meet someone who can understand what you’re saying, I only have one piece of advice: marry them, NOW!

Oh, and it turns out can be just as angry as Donald. Some things are meant to be. 

My Second Favorite Episode of the Season

I know we’re only five episodes into the new season of DuckTales and there are plenty more great moments to come, but I can’t help it. This is on my top five best episodes of the season. It’s just hilarious in all the right ways, and it makes good use of a lot of secondary characters. I hope we see more of Daisy Duck and the Cabarellos this season because DuckTales is on fire right now.

I Give “Louie’s Eleven” a 4.5/5

Stray Observations

  • I knew right away that Ms. Glamora was related to Mark Beaks. Called it!
  • I wish my blog was as big as Ms. Glamora’s. Oh, well, got to earn it. 

Awesome Quotes

  • “Internet Fame. The most important fame of all” That’s not untrue
  • “Our brotherhood is the greatest scheme of all!”

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